Why Should You Care About A Content Creation Strategy?

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Once you see what a successful content creation strategy can do for your website, it's not hard to see how important it is to have one yourself.A content creation strategy is a fundamental need for the modern website. Gone are the days of being able to be found from a static, brochure-type website for your business. It’s simply not enough to engage your audience if you’re looking for leads and customers, and it won’t ever be enough, unless you give them a reason to keep returning to your website.

A Reason To Come Back

The advent of web-based research has meant that for a long time, and for the foreseeable future, all of the power when it comes to deciding on a supplier has been with the buyer. Buyers have options that are not confined to a geographical location or a single vendor, and it has meant that marketing has had to step up its game.

This is not a bad thing. Far from it - the competition has meant that businesses have had to re-evaluate and reassess their marketing techniques, and in the process have been able to cut down on a lot of needless spending and gather a lot more high-quality leads that have been a better fit for their business.

But how do potential customers realise that the business they’re investigating is a good fit for them? How would they conclude that your business can best fit their needs?

Well, that’s where content marketing comes in. Regularly updated websites, much like the fictional cliff-hanger, give your readers a reason to come back. And you want them to keep visiting your website, to keep clicking around and reading your content. The more content you have on offer, the more a visitor is going to be able to research on your website on the matter at hand. You’ll establish yourself as a figure of authority on the topic and by extension prove to the reader that you are worth considering as a solution to fill their needs.

Answering Questions

Answering the questions of your readers is a fundamental component and a great way to assure website visitors. If you’re answering legitimate questions that searchers have with your content, it’ll go a long way towards establishing credibility. These questions could address anything from the makeup of your products, to the features of the latest model you’ve developed.

Answering the questions of your ideal customers can seem like a difficult thing if you’re not sure what those questions will be, but this is where your buyer personas can come in handy. These researched avatars of your ideal customers will have pain points and concerns as part of their characteristics. Have a look at the concerns of your ideal customers and brainstorm a list of questions that could stem from them. Then write content that answers those questions.

It’s rare that a visitor to your website will voice their questions out loud to you. You need to be anticipating these questions and answering them before they’re asked to attract the visitors that will convert to leads and customers.

Providing Information

This is both similar and different to answering your reader’s questions. For writing content that answers your ideal customer’s questions, you first have to understand their concerns and pain points. For informing your ideal customer, you need to understand their interests. This content can be used to excite readers, and is more about providing information that is secondary to the questions that will bring a searcher to your website. Questions will bring them there, but information will keep them coming back.

Time And Circumstance Are Your Variables

They say that variety is the spice of life. While I would tend to say that spice is the spice of life, variety is what makes things interesting. The needs, concerns, and interests of your searchers and leads are going to change as they draw closer to committing to buy from you, and you want to be supporting them at every step along the way with varied content that keeps being relevant and keeps encouraging readers to return; to take that next step, whether that step is converting to a lead, downloading that next offer, or requesting a call from your sales division. You want to reassure the visitor at every step along the way that what they’re doing is the wisest decision and the best for their needs, and you’ll do that by showing and proving that you are the best for the job at hand.

Another option at hand with providing variety, and your single most powerful tool when it comes to content creation, is a regular publishing schedule. Providing a varied number of posts on the subject a visitor is reading helps solidify your expertise on the subject, but it also increases your website’s surface area. When you have a lot of original content on a particular subject, and the number is being added to on a regular basis, it scores points with the search engines that your readers are finding you through. And a boost from your local search engine is nothing to be sniffed at.

The Wrap-up

  • Create original content. Create loads of it.

  • With a large bank of content at your disposal, web searchers are more likely to come back and visit your website as they move closer to making a purchase decision.

  • The more content you have on a subject, the more authority you establish on the subject, both to search engines and to searchers.

  • Content created to answer the questions of your searchers will reassure them, because this content addresses pain points and concerns of the customer.

  • Content created to inform the searcher will educate and excite, and is developed by understanding the interests of the customer.

  • The pain points, concerns, and interests of the ideal customer are developed through the use of buyer personas. Doing so allows the content creator to pre-empt and develop ideal content for the web searcher, capturing their interest and keeping it as the searcher moves toward a buying decision that involves you.



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