Why Your Sales Team Will Love Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ken Semple

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Inbound marketing makes it easier for your sales team to make more salesAll sales people love cold calling and calling that lead who may have gone cold. Just kidding, I think most sales people hate this part of their jobs it’s frustrating and unproductive.

Inbound marketing works to reduce or eliminate these tasks from your sales process. Won’t your sales team love that?

So how does inbound marketing help your sales team? Here’s how:

Eliminate cold calling

A good inbound marketing strategy will generate all the leads you need. This means you can virtually eliminate having to find suitable prospects and cold call them.

No need to waste you time explaining yourself and your offer to people who just aren’t interested in you or what you have to offer.

The leads coming from your inbound marketing are fully informed and ready to talk business.

This doesn’t mean you should stop cold calling all together. Just cull the list to those companies you really want to work with. Those companies worth investing your time on.

Get rid of the tyre kickers

People now start to research their purchase online. Your inbound marketing will get your website found by these people and answer their questions. The people who want to know more will download one of your offers. Those who aren’t interested will move on.

This is radically different to just a few years ago when people worked their way through the Yellow Pages calling people as they go. More often or not their first question was “how much for…”.

Once someone has been qualified by your inbound marketing they’re focused on who can best provide the solution than shopping around for the best price.

You will get way fewer calls from the uneducated and the price shoppers when most of your leads come from inbound marketing.

Leads that qualify themselves

Your inbound marketing will automatically help people through their buying process from initial research to ready to buy.

Those leads who determine that your solution isn’t for them will drop out along the way. What you’re left with are leads who are ready to buy and who know exactly what they need.

As the sales person, all you need to talk about is how to close the deal.

A better relationship with the marketing department

Inbound marketing closes the loop between marketing and sales meaning that the performance of the entire cycle is measured, analysed and refined.

Understanding what each lead did before they became a sale helps the sales team educate and steer the marketing team so that they produce content which is more likely to get sales.

Feed your offline leads into your inbound marketing

You can gauge the interest of your offline leads by feeding them into your inbound marketing. Send them an email recommending some content which will help them.

Those who are interested will take up the offer. Those who aren’t won’t.

The interested people will then be nurtured automatically by your inbound marketing and pop out the other end as sales ready leads.

Always know how they’re performing

All the sales and marketing data is there at the touch of a button. You always know what’s working and what isn’t.

This allows you to concentrate your efforts on the leads that are most likely to convert into sales, and you can do this using real data and not just guess work.

Key Takeaway

Inbound marketing helps your sales team immensely. They’ll be happier, more effective, and profitable to your business.


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