Why Isn't My Website Producing Leads?

Posted by Ken Semple

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Turn more of your unidentified traffic into leads for your businessIt's a common problem, website not producing enough leads, and we hear this question all the time "Why isn't my website producing leads?".

Website Optimisation is all about increasing the number of leads you get from your website. Excellent results can be achieved by optimising your website.

There are a number of issues which affect the number of leads your website produces including:

  • Not enough traffic
  • Wrong visitors
  • Poor of no call to action
  • Poor visual design
  • Poor content
  • Poor content organisation

Not Enough Traffic

Most visitors to most website today come from search engines. Good search engine optimisation (SEO)  is critical to getting more traffic from search engines.

Other ways to get traffic to your website include email marketing, social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC).

A good rule of thumb is that you should continue to build your email list and aim to promote to it enough to generate 25% of your traffic from it.

All of these tactics together will produce the best results and are part of any good Inbound Marketing strategy.

Wrong Visitors

It could be that your website is attracting visitors looking for something else all together.

It's surprising to think that you could have the wrong visitors on your website. How could this happen? This occurs because the search engines have indexed your site for keywords or phrases best suited to another product or service.

How do you fix this? You do a keyword analysis of your website. You want to determine whether the keywords line up with your products and services. You also need to determine which keywords and phrases are most used by your ideal client.

Then make sure that your site is indexed by the search engines for the right keywords and phrases, that's the SEO part.

Poor or No Call to Action

Visitors to your website need to be told what you want them to do.

Once your content has convinced them that you're for them, make sure they know what to do next.

Make your call to action obvious and don't confuse the issue by having too many options or the visitor won't be able to decide which one is best for them.

See our blog post entitled "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do" for more information.

Poor Visual Design

Visitors have an expectation of what a website should look like before they arrive at your site.

If they're expecting 5 star and see a 0 star looking site or, if they're expecting business and you give them light and fluffy, they'll will click the back button and get out of there.

It makes good sense to ensure your website looks as your ideal client would expect and to keep that look up to date.

Poor Content

The visual design of your website creates the first impression, the content needs to follow through in order to get the lead.

Most visitors arrive at a website from a search engine. They have a very specific need they want met.

If your content meets their needs, you'll get the lead. If not, they'll go somewhere else.

Poor Content Organisation

If the right piece of content can't be found on your website, visitors will leave and you won't get the lead.

It takes research and planning to determine the best layout for the content on your website. Each type of visitor sees your site differently.

Identifying your visitor types and their needs is the key to organising your site in such a way that it is easy for them to find their way around.

Ensuring that your website is effortless to get around get's you the leads you need.

Where to start?

As we can see, there are a number of issues which contribute to poor performance of a website.

The best place to start is to do a formal analysis of the existing website. The results of this analysis will show us which factors are contributing to the poor performance of the website.

You can then start the process of modifying the website to improve it's performance.

A properly optimised website is one of the keys to Online Marketing Success.


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