Why Isn't My Accounting Blog Generating Leads?

Posted by Ken Semple

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Your Australian accounting firm blog can generate all the leads you need to grow your businessIt’s encouraging to see that the number of Australian accounting firms who’ve started blogging is increasing rapidly.

I also see many of them give it a go and give up soon after because they aren’t seeing the results they expected.

Getting results from your blogging isn’t hard at all, you just need to produce the content your audience needs and will also get you ranked well on Google. Then provide your readers with a conversion path so you get more leads.

Content must target the right personas

The right people will convert on the right content. Know who you’re writing for, and write for them in their language.

If you write like an accountant for other accountants, only accountants will be reading your content and they just aren’t going to convert.

Determine who your key clients really are, as a person, and define what their issues are, what their needs are and how your services help them. Once you understand who they are, you can write directly for them.

Help your visitors with their problems

People search the web looking for answers to their problems. Helping them understand their problems builds trust, encouraging them to sign up for your offer.

I’ve heard some accountants say that they don’t want to give their secrets away or show someone how to do their jobs. The reality is, there’s always going to be those people out to milk you for information even though they don’t ever plan to hire you. You use your content to ensure these tyre kickers don’t bother you by taking any of your time, because once they get what they need from your website, they’re gone.

You’re going to attract more genuine prospects when you write great content, content which helps them with their problems. More of these will become customers as a result of your helpful content that would have otherwise.

Provide enough detail to make your blog post useful

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts on accounting firm websites which are so short and shallow they’re next to useless. Some of these posts consist only of a short paragraph of text and a link to another website like the taxation office or a pdf download. This isn’t enough to engage the reader or attract Google’s attention.

Write just enough to get your message across and satisfy the needs of your reader.

Remember you’re writing for the reader but you need to be ranked well by Google. Being ranked well by Google takes good quality content and 100 words on a page isn’t enough for Google to make any judgements about quality.

Aim for a minimum of 1 A4 page of typed text for each blog post.

Have a call to action on every blog post

Don’t expect that just because people love your content, they’re going to pick up the phone to hire you. Most people are going to read your content and leave, and you’ll never get to find out who they were.

You must have an effective call to action on every one of your web pages and every one of your blog posts.

Use a call to action to an offer related to the content in your blog post. Make your offer the next logical step for your reader. A content offer helps your reader further with their issue and could be a downloadable document, a video or a presentation. An offer could also be a personal offer like an assessment of their current situation.

A call to action is a descriptive text and image link which takes your reader to a landing page with a form where they can sign up for your offer.

Once you get their contact information, you know who they are and they’re called a lead. With the right software, you can also track their activity on your website.

Follow up your leads

Use a marketing automation system to follow up your leads with a series of emails designed to move them closer to a sale.

Take a quick look at each of your leads and call the really good ones right away to see if you can help them with anything.

Key Takeaway

Your accounting firm’s blog will produce all the leads you need when you understand your target audience and write for them and provide them with a conversion path.

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