Why Is Original Content Important For Marketing Your Business Online?

Posted by Ken Semple

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Update your content and watch your website visits soar. Original content is the new black.Over the past few years, content marketing has significantly changed. In the past, these were the content marketing best practices:

  • Publishing articles stuffed with unrelated keywords

  • Providing unfocused content for unclear audiences

  • Copying the topics discussed by one's largest competitors

Nowadays, doing these things will hurt your content marketing strategy more than help it. In order for your business to successfully market itself online, you must generate original content. Here is why:

Original content boosts your search engine rankings

The primary way people find things on the web is through search engine queries. Searchers are most likely to visit sites that rank high on search results. This makes strong SEO a must if you want to be found. Original content helps with this; here is how:

Google admitted that they love original content

Google handles 100 billion internet searches monthly, so their opinion regarding SEO matters. Google prefers original content. In fact, producing unoriginal content could hurt your rankings on Google.

You will have a stronger internet presence

Having a strong internet presence is key for SEO. One of the best ways to improve your internet presence is to give the web more reasons and opportunities to link back to your page. When generating unique content, you are doing just that.

Original content allows you to truly connect with your audience

Your brand is constantly under development. If you do not actively maintain your organisation's brand, then it will eventually falter -- it doesn't matter if your brand name is as powerful as household names like Apple or Microsoft.

You can constantly reinforce the positive image of your brand by reminding consumers that your company is:

  • An industry leader

  • Willing to go above and beyond help customers

  • Aware of how current events will affect your industry

  • Personable

You can constantly bring this brand reinforcement to the forefront with original content, which will leverage your company's expert knowledge to deliver helpful information and insights to the customer.

Original content creates more sales leads

Before they will buy any of your products or services, a consumer needs to have enough interest to at least consider them. This is why generating sales leads should be a central goal of marketing your business online. Original content can create sales leads on its own, because good original content shows your audience how to fulfill a need or solve problems by using products like yours, while developing a deeper connection with your business at the same time.

If your content is not original, on the other hand, it is less likely to help resolve a customer's current need, and it will blend in with the rest of the content out there. As a result, few sales leads would be generated.

Original content creates more lead nurturing opportunities

When a customer is converted into a sales lead online, your job is still not done. They will continue to do their own research about what products can help them solve their problem. This practice has become so prevalent that Forbes recently reported that 60% of the sales process is completed before a customer directly interacts with your company.

By delivering original content about problems that can be solved by your company's offerings, you can guide those leads back to your organisation.

Make sure that your content marketing strategy is helping your business

There can be no doubt that content marketing is critical for your company's present and future success. In order to get the most out of your content marketing strategy, it must include high quality, original content that allows your organisation to stand above the competition.


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