What Can A Facebook Presence Achieve For Your Business?

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Using a social approach to presenting your business can be your best bet towards reaching and connecting with a new audience.A while ago on the blog, we sat down and had a look at how you should approach Social Media marketing - about how social media can boost the visibility of your website, about how you can use it to approach your potential customers in a much more casual environment, free from the constraints of 9-5, ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam’, and engage with website users when they’re much more amicable to discussing mundane things and honest problems that you can engage with and solve, to their joy.

This week, we’re looking beyond how to approach social media and focusing in on the purpose of a social media presence, as well as how yours can blend seamlessly into your inbound marketing strategy, working to convert leads and create business wherever your name is.

Sound interesting? Let’s get started.

An Extension Of Your Online Presence

With social media being another time-consuming thing to have to maintain and worry about (kind of like a pet, really), it can seem a little odd to need to have it for your business. And yet, we see a huge push to have a social media presence on as many platforms as possible. Why is that?

Social media really is a good way to extend your visibility online - it reaches beyond the business hours, and presents a human side to your business that invites involvement and engagement with the general public. Its natural inclination towards sharing with other users also follows with this trend.

It kind of makes sense then, to be using Facebook for what it’s been designed to do - extend your business’ presence and visibility. There are plenty of options available with marketing content and offers, thanks to the ability to embed links, but first and foremost, the social media platform gives you more space to interact with people who may well become sales qualified leads, should your strategy be set out the right way.

Digital Breadcrumbs

“But how can an extended presence help if we’re not pitching a sell?” I hear you ask. It’s a given concern, since we’ve as of yet said nothing on how actually selling your wares fits in with a social media presence. This is where we put those concerns to rest.

The point of social media for your business is, yes, to extend your presence, but the greater goal is to use it to bring people to your website for conversion to leads and lead nurturing. Your presence on Facebook and the like is aimed at building buzz and hype, engaging with users who wouldn’t find you otherwise. You can use the social media to build the curiosity of followers and lead them back to the attention-grabbing content that is present on your website, and they’ll be ready and hyped to convert to leads.

Building The Buzz And The Fuzz

So now we’re getting to understand how a social media presence works for your business, and how we can use it to lead ideal and engaged readers back to your website for lead conversion. And then we got to see how connecting it up with the marketing of your business could provide a super-fun sales funnel for your ideal leads to travel down.

Wait, what? Ah. Let’s cover that.

Since your social media channel is best used to increase the visibility of your business online, and that it can be most made use of when it draws people back to your website, you therefore want to use your social media to build interest with your followers.

You can use the channel to highlight the small stories of your business; interesting happenings and general attention-grabbing posts. Visual accompaniment will always give a better response and is well worth the extra time and money to pay attention to.

In short, your social media presence can be used to highlight your great level of customer engagement and involvement, and in an entertaining way, encourage readers and users to check out the great content that you have on offer back at your website.

Key Takeaways

While your goals for a social media presence might seem a little less defined than your standard inbound marketing campaign, there’s still great value in investing in them. Being involved with your fans and followers through something like Facebook allows you to extend your reach and brand awareness, and will ultimately help push prospects towards doing business with you. This can happen through your highly engaging, highly visual posts that are entertaining and will ultimately lead the more qualified prospects back to your website for conversion.

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