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Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Make Twitter the platform from which you reach a new and exciting group of prospects.Have you heard of Haiku before?

It’s a poetry format, stemming from Japan, that uses 10 syllables to create a short verse. They’re a great exercise for composing and thinking critically, working through word selection and the flow of one line into another. They’re also a lot of fun to write, but I’m a writing fanatic, so that opinion is probably a bit subjective.

Anyway, the point of a haiku is creating poetry that is quantifiably limited in length and size to delineate the subject matter. Want to know what other methods of literature exist with quantifiable limits to length and size?

Twitter posts.

Tweets, The Modern Haiku

Twitter posts, generally rendered as ‘tweets’, have been around for the better part of the last decade, but it’s only been in more recent years that it’s really come into its own with businesses using the social media platform for marketing purposes.

Unlike larger-format social media websites, which allow for large body copy, Twitter restricts its posting size to 140 characters for standard tweets. Thanks to recent updates, however, it has become able to host in-app multiple images, short videos, and outbound links. This combined with the short body-copy makes it more useful to businesses as a way of announcing the uploading of new content for content marketing to a home website.

In addition to this announcement-style tweeting to a range of followers, there are also a variety of positive ways you can interact with followers and users all while working within the character limit.

Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit

The use of concise language to convey a message is, as mentioned earlier, imperative for using the social media platform to its fullest extent. Your messages need to be brief, while at the same time engaging.

So how do you go about being engaging while speaking with such a limit?

With practise, you’ll be able to work out which words in a message are superfluous and which are of value. Which will command the attention of your readers and which can be ignored because of their tepid wording.

Responsiveness Counts For A Lot

One of the things that I find fascinating about Twitter, and highly useful, is its real-time updating. A few months back, I went to a convention and got stuck in an unmarshalled and unorganised line for a meet-up. Tweeting one of the guys at the stall about the problem meant that shortly afterward, there was a little more order restored to the crowd. It didn’t immediately speed up the line, but it did stop us from falling into chaos.

When your business is able to use Twitter to respond actively to relevant events, or to begin discussion over thoughts or events or programs and then maintain that discussion, the impression given is one of a well-organised and relevant company. The use of hashtags can be of great use, providing an indexed conversation topic for individual users to interact over. These can be used for anything from discussion to competition, and their greatest strength comes by putting all users on a level playing field. Individuals can speak directly to others, to businesses, to larger names. Don’t pass up that level of responsiveness that’s available. Subscribers will listen when you speak to them.

Develop A Voice For Your Business

While ‘developing a voice’ can sound like the most airy of all of these tips, it is also your best opportunity to establish a brand persona for your business. What is your business like? What do you sell? And who do you sell it to?

In the world of marketing, it can be far too easy to define what you do as being a ‘B2B’ or ‘B2C’ seller - selling either to other businesses, or to consumers. However, what can often be forgotten there is that in either case, you’re still selling to people. You need to grab the attention of people, and hold it. Nobody buys from a spam-bot.

The point to be made here is that the limited character space available for tweets shouldn’t impinge on your ability to create a personality for your business. You probably have a good grasp of your ideal customer through developing a buyer persona - choosing who you will deliberately market yourself to for better odds. Why not develop a voice or persona for your company? What kind of person would your ideal customers like to buy from?

This can vary greatly depending on your business, and you should let that dictate how you phrase things and what you post. Is your business formal in its presentation? Let it dictate your language style. Perhaps your business is more laid back - not in how it conducts itself, but in the nature of what you sell. A business that sells surf and ski equipment is going to speak with a different language to one that sells suits - let your business’ personality become evident in your tweets.

The Wrap-Up

Speak with an active voice and an emotive vocabulary, and you’ll be able to captivate your audience in a short period of time
(125 characters)

Use the real-time updating of Twitter to spark engaging, relevant interaction with your followers.
(98 characters)

Market your business to humans by letting a business personality colour your tweets.
(84 characters)

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