Turning Website Tyre Kickers Into Qualified Sales Leads

Posted by Ken Semple

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How you can avoid web leads which are no more than tire kickersI don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of all the spam leads which come from my website. We’ve cleaned all that up now using software to filter leads and work them until they’re sales ready, then we get notified about them.

Once you do the work to attract today’s buyer, you know the ones who start researching a new purchase online, you’ll see a huge increase in leads from your website and you need to have a way to efficiently deal with these leads.

What are website tyre kickers

Website tyre kickers aren’t that much different to real life tyre kickers. You know, people who get you on the phone or walk into your office who either have no intention of buying from you or who might like to buy from you but can’t afford it right now. All they’re doing is picking your brains and wasting your time.

The same thing happens on the web, you get all sorts of people signing up for your offers and filling out those contact us forms. Most of these people are never going to buy from you so you don’t want to waste even a minute on them.

How to avoid wasting time on these tyre kickers

Just like you’ve got caller ID on your phone so you can ignore the nuisance callers, you can use software to do something similar online.

It wasn’t so long ago when the information about any lead generated on your website was emailed to some partially monitored email address to be looked at when someone gets around to it. I bet you monitor that email address more closely now more of your leads are coming from the web.

You can configure your web marketing software to notify you only about the leads most likely to become customers. You decide what information you need from them and your software uses that information, and their automatically captured location, to determine which ones you get notified of and which ones not to bother you with.

I’m talking here about when your leads initially register. Some are worth calling right away, most aren’t. Your software should work every lead automatically, qualifying them over time until they’re pretty much ready to buy - read more about this down below.

Make sure you define what makes a sales qualified lead

Without a clear definition of a sales qualified lead it’s going to be impossible to configure your software to deliver sales ready leads. You must define what makes a sales qualified lead in order for your inbound marketing team to create lead nurturing programs which deliver the goods.

Sit down with your marketing team and help them define a marketing qualified lead and make sure they understand the extra criteria which is required for marketing qualified leads to become sales qualified - ready to buy.

Use automation software to qualify your leads leads

Whether or not you called a lead when they initially registered, use your marketing automation software to work them, score them and notify you when they become qualified.

Once the definition of a sales qualified lead is clearly defined and understood it’s time to understand the journey your typical buyer takes from their awareness that they have a problem, right through to being ready to buy.

Your marketing team can develop both content and marketing automation, or lead nurturing, to move people through their buying journey.

Keep your sales CRM up to date on your lead’s activity

You don’t want to be in the situation where most of the data about the lead you’re about to call is stuck in your marketing software system, you want it all there in your sales CRM so you can peruse it before each call.

You can hook your sales CRM and your marketing software together so both systems are up to day with the latest information about each and every lead. In fact, when a lead becomes sales ready your marketing software can create a task for you in your sales CRM rather than annoying you with another email.

Key takeaway

Once you tap into the way people buy today your website will produce tons of leads each month. So many, you won’t be able to chase all of them and that’s where marketing software comes in, to filter and qualify these leads.

That way you’ll only need to deal with the good leads, the ones most likely to buy from you.


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