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5 Ways You Are Losing Your Target Audience From Your B2B Website

Posted by Ken Semple

This type of website pop up is really annoyingHave you ever stopped to think why you up and leave some websites right away yet hang around on others, and have you thought to apply these learnings to your own website?

To make a decision about this, you’ll need to have a think about why you were on the website in the first place. When you do this you’ll find that most of the time you’re doing research and sometimes you’ll be comparing products and prices.

Most B2B websites fail to provide the information you need to do your research. B2C websites are almost as bad although we can excuse the B2C websites pushing impulse purchases as there isn’t much research to be done there.


Aussies Spend 6.5 Hours in Front of a Screen Each Day - Are They Finding You?

Posted by Ken Semple

Aussies spend over 6.5 hours on screen each day and spend the most time on their smartphoneA study just released from MillwardBrown found that connected Aussies spend more than 6.5 hours in front of a screen each day and they use more than one screen simultaneously at some time during a typical day.

The results from the MillwardBrown line up quite well with those from a 2012 Google study about multiscreen use.

These studies highlight how critical it is today for your website to not only be viewable on mobile and tablet devices, but to be easy to use on these devices.

In this article I’ve extracted some of the key data from these studies and I explain how B2B businesses can make the most of this behaviour.


What B2B Buyers Expect Of Your Website

Posted by Ken Semple

Survey says B2B buyers want more content on your B2B websiteA 2014 survey into what B2B buyers want from vendor websites has clearly identified why inbound marketing works so well in the B2B space. Put simply, the content delivered under an inbound marketing strategy delivers exactly what B2B buyers are saying is missing from B2B websites.

Pricing information was shown to be at the top of the must have list for B2B buyers and second top on the list of content missing from B2B websites.

I know it can be a challenge to add pricing to many B2B websites. You can reduce the importance of pricing information by providing some of the items at the top of the list of content missing from B2B websites lists like blog posts, white papers and case studies.


4 Inbound Marketing Tactics You Can Easily Add To Your Existing Website

Posted by Ken Semple

It's EASY to add some inbound marketing tactics to your existing websiteYou don’t need to use inbound marketing software to take advantage or what inbound marketing can do for your business. Most modern Content Management Systems (CMS) have all you need to start a basic inbound marketing strategy.

To get the best results from inbound marketing you need to use the right inbound marketing software which can be a little hard to justify on a new website which still has quite low traffic volume.

Get started with your existing system and run a low key campaign for six months or so until the results you’re getting justify moving full on into your inbound marketing strategy.

Here are four things you can easily do right now on your current website to start seeing results from inbound marketing.


Why Most Small Business Websites Don't Produce Any Business Results

Posted by Ken Semple

The dollars you spend on your website don't have to disappear into a black how like these dollarsIf you’re like most small business owners, you grumble a bit each time you think about what you should do with your website. It’s been there for years, cost you a lot of money and hasn’t returned anything to your business.

When you look at your website it looks dated and compares poorly to some of your competitor’s websites.

Don’t despair, you can convert that poorly performing waste of money website into a website which delivers on your business goals.

Here are a few reasons why most small business websites just don’t perform for their business owners and some suggestions for how to resolve these issues.


How To Get More Traffic On Your Engineering Supply Website

Posted by Ken Semple

A dragline at sunset. Quite symbolic as sun sets over Australia's mining boomIt’s been tougher in Australia lately for engineering supply companies and manufacturers in the engineering industry as the sun sets on the mining boom.

With most people, yes even engineers, now starting their buying research with some research online using a search engine, your website has to be found and be useful to them for you to get their business.

In fact with all this research being done online, 60% of the buying decision is now made before speaking to a sales person.

The downside to all this is that, with business being so great in the engineering industry through the Australian mining boom, most companies in the engineering industry have websites which date back to before the mining boom and are, well, pretty much useless for generating new business.

To get more business from your website you need more traffic and your website needs to be useful to your target audience. I’ll discuss a few things you can do to achieve this in this article.


So You Want to Get More From Your Website in 2014

Posted by Ken Semple

People don't buy this way anymore. Get this crowd of people buying from you in 2014If yours is like a lot of business websites, it didn’t do much for your business this year. It’s not too late to turn that around for 2014 and get your website producing leads and sales for your business.

How do you make that happen? Does it take a lot of work? Is it worth the effort?

All good questions and I’ll address them and more in this article.


Why Isn't My Website Producing Leads?

Posted by Ken Semple

Turn more of your unidentified traffic into leads for your businessIt's a common problem, website not producing enough leads, and we hear this question all the time "Why isn't my website producing leads?".

Website Optimisation is all about increasing the number of leads you get from your website. Excellent results can be achieved by optimising your website.

There are a number of issues which affect the number of leads your website produces including:

  • Not enough traffic
  • Wrong visitors
  • Poor of no call to action
  • Poor visual design
  • Poor content
  • Poor content organisation

Talk To a Marketer BEFORE You Upgrade Your Website

Posted by Ken Semple

Talk to a marketing before a web designer when upgrading your website. A marketing will think about your business goalsI know it feels right to go and speak with a web designer or web developer when it’s time to upgrade your website. Your web designer or web developer will be concerned about what your new site should look like, what features it should have and what technology it should be built with.

You’ve got to have some business goals for your website upgrade otherwise it’s not worth doing.

Your web designer or developer just want’s to get your new site up and running and get paid for the project.


Why Upgrading Your Website Won't Get You More Business

Posted by Ken Semple

most website upgrades are purely cosmetic and don't produce any business outcomesThe day your newly updated website is commissioned is very exciting. There’s a lot of interest within your company, your employees are talking about it, both to each other and to your customers.

It’s been a long time coming and it’s cost the company a lot of money. What were the reasons for the upgrade and what are the goals for the new website?

What business outcomes will your new website produce for you?

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