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Optimise Your Website For Social Search And Watch Your SEO Improve

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Peer approval can be a powerful method of appealing to new potential leads.We’re much more likely to depend on the wisdom of our peers when it comes to making decisions. Should you invest in a new coat before heading to the snow? Generally, a small chat with your friends over the social media platform of your choice will sort that out.

What if your business was able to use this desire for peer interaction and recommendation to further its reach? What if you had the ability to appear and appeal to a wider group of fans on social media, with the added bonus of the weighting of a trusted friend? It's the kind of search engine optimisation that we dream of. Sound good?


How To Establish An Engaging LinkedIn Page

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

LinkedIn will help you link in with the professional network that can bring you more business and will let you reach more peopleDo you have a presence on LinkedIn?

Perhaps you’re aware of the social network, knowing that it’s focused on businesses and professional networking, but you’re not entirely sure if you need one or why you need another thing to manage. Perhaps it’s on the list of things you’ll probably do in the near future; a Post-it that’s been stuck to your monitor for the last eight months or more.

Today, we’re looking at what LinkedIn is, why it’s a useful thing to have, and how you can go from having no presence on the website to establishing a solid, lead-generating connection for your business.


How Should You Approach Social Media Marketing?

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Social Media gives you a new platform to address people from - it's just that you want to use the right platforms to engage in the right way with your ideal buyersSocial media is one of those things that seems interesting and at the same time can have you wondering how to use it in your business. Isn’t social Why would your business need to have a presence on it? Is there any real advantage to having a presence on social media, and if there is, should you go with one, or two, or all of the social media platforms?

Today’s goal is to answer some, or all of those questions, as well as provide a brief review of a few different platforms, discussing the different features that might make them suited to your business.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Converting Social Media Followers into Website Followers

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

A following on social media is great. You won't convert many leads there though, you need to get them onto your websiteSo you’ve established a presence for your business using social media. You’ve got a few different platforms going, each being managed well. Folks love the way you interact with them and help with their questions.

But the love isn’t being felt on the home front. Your social media channels are buzzing, but none of the people visiting them are checking out your website.


When your business opened the social media door, you stepped into the space of other people. You interacted with them, on their terms, in an informal setting. Your goal is to take the strangers you speak to through this medium and bring them back to your website, aiming to convert them into leads and contacts. This requires effort on the part of the individual. It takes effort to follow the link; open the window. Miniscule, but still present.

Your goal is to offer an incentive – a reward – for checking out your site in closer detail. You have to convince the individual that the reward gained in visiting your site is worth following the link.

At this stage, it is worth assessing some basic questions.


3 Ways Your Business Can Improve Its Social Media Presence

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

There are many ways your business could improve how you use social media. Here are 3The online presence of Social Media in our day and age is massive. In spite of its relative youth, its popularity has soared, assimilating and ingraining itself into popular culture. Combined with the increased mobility of Internet access through tablets and smartphones, we are beset with a society that is capable of interacting at any time, in any place, with a platform that provides and encourages the sharing of information.

Given all this, it makes sense to use Social Media as a marketing avenue. But how do we do this? How can your business use social media to further your interests? And how can we do it well?


Social SEO - What Is It & What Does It Mean For Your Business?

Posted by Ken Semple

You now need to combine your social media and SEO strategiesSocial SEO or Social Search, whichever you call it is having an increasing impact on your SEO. Search engines are increasingly using information from social networks to determine which search results to show each person.

To take advantage of this you need to merge your SEO and social media strategies.

To lessen the drain on your resources you need to get smarter about how you manage both your SEO and social media.


Twitter is a Great Place to Get Traffic and Leads

Posted by Ken Semple

A bluebird holing a mobile phone. Use twitter to generate traffic for you website and leads and sales for you businessI often hear people knocking social media and its usefulness when I’m at networking events. It’s hard to convert these knockers without good data.

Using Twitter for B2B is often poo-pooed by these social media knockers. Because we use HubSpot at More Business Online, I can tell you exactly how Twitter is performing for our business.

We get 13% of our website traffic from Twitter and around 5% of our leads from Twitter. Yes, we have gotten customers from Twitter also. We get these results with very little effort as we mostly autopublish tweets about our blog posts. Oh yeh, it took me 2 minutes to get these stats from our HubSpot account, we always know how our marketing is performing.

So what do you have to do to get your Twitter accounts performing for you business like ours are?


How To Determine Your Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

Posted by Ken Semple

Use social media to get your message out to the world and get people back to your websiteIt’s often thought that you can’t determine the effectiveness of your social media marketing. This is why it’s so hard to sell a social media marketing strategy to your boss.

Go about your social media marketing the right way and your analytics will tell you exactly how well it’s working.

Get the analytics right and you’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll know what your ROI is. Here’s how…


Optimising Twitter For Search

Posted by Ken Semple

Make sure that your Twitter profile is prominent for your key search termsEnsure that your Twitter account, including your Tweets are helping your business rank in the search engines. I don’t mean that your Twitter account should out rank your website, just be found when people are searching for you.

There are 6 things you should consider when optimising your Twitter account for search:

  1. Make your Twitter handles spam-free
  2. Include Keywords in your Twitter bio
  3. Build a following
  4. Create a special subset of keywords
  5. Keep Tweet lengths in the Retweet safe zone
  6. Create your own inbound links

Optimise The Branding of Your Twitter Profile

Posted by Jo Percy

Twitter is a great avenue for generating leads and sales. You need to brand it right to get the best resultsTake full advantage of the limited opportunities you have the make yourself unique and visible on Twitter.

Twitter allows you to add your logo or other photo, use a custom branded background and header image.

Many people ignore these Twitter options and miss out on these opportunities to promote their brand.

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