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Fine Tuning PPC Advertising Copy in 5 Steps

Posted by Ken Semple

We want our ppc advertising to send us the cream of the crop. We want great prospects to click through and not money wasting tyre kickersWhen writing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising copy you only have a small number of words with which to get your message across. How do you make it really work for you? How can you catch the interest of the potential customers who need or want what you have to offer?

We only want the cream of the clicks and not the tyre kickers who just cost us money.

Here’s five tips to get you started. You can apply these to your PPC ad copy to ensure you stand out from your competition and drive high click-throughs while maintaining excellent conversion rates.


Making Paid Search (SEM or PPC) Work For B2B

Posted by Ken Semple

An Industrial Park is an ideal place to target your B2B paid searchPaid Search (SEM or PPC) for B2B presents different challenges to B2C paid search. It’s easy to see the ROI of B2C SEM as the time from the click to the purchase is often very short. The time from click to purchase in B2B PPC can be very long, 6 months or even 12 months. Tracking your ROI here can be more of a challenge.

So how can we track the success of our paid search campaigns? Easy, by plugging paid search into Inbound Marketing.


Get More Business Online By Optimising PPC Ad Copy

Posted by Ken Semple

A screen shot showing google advertisingSearch Engine Marketing  (SEM) or PPC Advertising is a great way to get More Business Online. There are some challenges to making PPC work effectively.

The 3 key challenges to getting more business online with PPC advertising are:

  1. Choosing the right search keywords for each of your ads
  2. Using the right words in your ad copy
  3. Providing a conversion path on the website landing page

Overcoming these challenges will ensure that the people who click through are qualified with the right search terms and ad copy and are converted efficiently on the landing page. You’ll also save money on wasted clicks.

In this article I’ll show you what to consider when optimising your ad copy so you can get more business online.

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