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Kickstart Your Online Presence By Rebranding Your Business

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Rebranding your business could be just the change it needs to make it big.Rebranding provides to the business owner and marketing advisor a fresh start. It’s an odd decision to come to, and can consume quite a bit in time and resources to carry out, but there’s a variety of reasons why a fresh face can actually be of great benefit to your business.

Trust us though, the change doesn’t just affect way your website looks. It offers a fresh start on many levels of your business, and for some, that can be just what is needed to ignite change and bring in more business.


Improve Your Marketing Strategy With Closed-Loop Marketing

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Improve the efficiency of your marketing and sales by implementing closed-loop strategiesHow efficient is your engine?
You may not be an auto-enthusiast, but it’s an established fact that an inefficient engine runs poorly and at great cost.

Now, take the concept of an efficiently-run engine, and place it into the marketing sphere. How efficient is your marketing engine? Are there places where effort is wasted, or where things could be streamlined better?

Closed-loop marketing is for a marketing section what a tune-up is for your vehicle of choice. It connects your sales and marketing teams, identifies the leaks in your marketing strategies, and helps you see what brought your leads to you in the first place. It’s a huge assist to the Inbound Marketing methodology, and it’s backed up with hard data, so it’s irrefutably helpful to incorporate into your strategies.


Discover Content Resources That Are Closer Than You Think

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

The knowledge of your staff is a goldmine for your content creationRight now, you’re sitting on a gold mine. Believe it or not, whether you are part of a small or large company, you’re in a field of opportunity.

As website content creators, we can often end up stretched for ideas on what to write. Perhaps you’re stretched for time, or having difficulty wrapping your head around the latest newfound concept. Perhaps you just feel that the subject you want to write on has no other angle of approach other than what’s been done to death by every other content creator out there.

There is a way around this indomitable writers block. And the way begins with understanding your surroundings.


How To Generate New Business For Your Engineering Firm

Posted by Ken Semple

Look to the Internet to generate the new business you need for your Engineering firmYou’re not alone if you’re looking for ways to generate new business for your Australian Engineering Firm post the mining construction boom. The hardest part can be determining where to start.

During the mining boom, work just came in the door faster than you could handle it. You haven’t had to think about chasing work for 10 years or more.

What do you do to get new business now, given that it isn’t coming in the door all by itself? I’ll explore this issue and discuss some options in this post.


How Your Buyers Check Out Your Professional Services Firm

Posted by Ken Semple

Professional services buyers now overwhelmingly check you out onlineHave you ever sat down to think about how your buyers check you out before they sign up for your professional services? You might be surprised to find that most of them now check you out online first.

Professional services buyers on average check you out using 3.2 different methods and 3 out of 5 of the methods they use are online.

The Hinge Research Institute has done some research into how professional services buyers check out professional services providers before they buy, and I’ll show you the key results in this article.


Transforming Your Professional Services Firm To High Growth

Posted by Ken Semple

High growth professional services firms do a few things differentlyHigh growth professional services firms have a few things in common and these things separate them from average growth firms.

Hinge Marketing has done some great research into professional services firms and what makes some grow quickly and the rest grow at just the average rate.

Surprisingly there are only a few key things which high growth firms do which make them stand out from the crowd:

  • Market positioning

  • Focus

  • Research

  • Online Presence


When You're Marketing To Engineers Don't Make It Look Like Marketing

Posted by Ken Semple

No ads please we're engineers. Don't make your website sound like an advertisement if you want to close engineers as leadsIt’s quite surprising to see that most websites which are aimed at engineers look like they came out of last century and provide very limited technical information.

That doesn’t mean your website should be a flashy, pushy, salesy website with annoying pop ups and the like just because these websites work for some. Engineers hate shallow marketing and advertising material and getting their attention requires solid problem solving content.

Engineers are pretty easy to satisfy, they just need solid information which helps them with their problem. They like to do their own research and they don’t like marketing B.S.


Generating Leads For Your Engineering Firm After The Mining Boom

Posted by Ken Semple

Too clean to be an engineers workstation, maybe it's the boss'. Still, got a computer today and that's where they do their researchIf you’re like most Australian Engineering consulting companies, you are likely struggling to generate the leads you need now the mining boom has faded.

While the mining boom was in full swing, jobs were coming thick and fast and it was a struggle just to keep up with the work. The was no need to maintain a relationship with old clients, and look for new leads and nurture those relationships.

In fact, during the mining boom, you could pick and choose your work and you most likely specialised more and limited you client base.

Now the mining boom is over, you need to generate leads, diversify and look further afield for new work. How do you do that in this environment?

I’ll explore some options in this article.


10 SEO Best Practices To Drive Your Online Success In 2014

Posted by Ken Semple

SEO practices to get you to the top in 2014Google made some pretty major changes to their algorithm in 2013. Did you notice any changes to your search results as they commissioned their algorithm changes? What’s in store for 2014?

Well we don’t know for sure what the search engines will change in 2014. One thing we do know is that they continue to claim that all their changes are all about providing better results to their searchers.

I’m not going to get into the details of this years changes and how they will affect you in 2014. I’m going to discuss 10 items that, if you get right, will provide you with a surge of traffic and leads in 2014.


I Don't Sell Online, Why Do I Need To Market Online?

Posted by Ken Semple

A person doing research for a purchase onlineI was speaking to someone recently about their business website and online marketing. They felt that because they didn’t sell online and people could find them when searching on their business name, they didn’t need to do any online marketing.

I was disappointed to find out that this is a fairly common misconception of business owners and managers.

It only took a short conversation with this person for them to understand how important is is for them to be marketing online today given that most people start to research their purchases online.

Why do you need to be marketing online even though you don’t sell online? Here’s why:

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