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How to Get More Intelligence on Your Professional Services Leads

Posted by Ken Semple

Great software can be your detective. Let it gather intelligence on your professional services leadsIt’s frustrating when you speak with a lead who seems really keen at the time who suddenly seems to go cold on you.

Giving them another call might be the answer. How do you know the right time to call them? They just might have gotten too busy to progress their purchase and calling won’t help.

There are some great systems now which track what each of your leads do on your website and how they interact with your emails.

The right time to call a cold lead is right after they visit your website again. Or, better still, while they’re still on your website.

This article will show you some of the things you can do with today’s software systems.


Do You Even Know How Well Your Website Is Performing?

Posted by Ken Semple

Use analytics to check that all the gears in your online marketing are working together to get you the results you needHow much business is your website producing? One of the great things about websites, and online marketing in general, is that you can automatically collect data on everything you do and there’s great software available which can collate it all together for you in easy to understand reports.

I was speaking with a new client recently. We were starting to determine how their website was performing for their business. I was quite amazed to find that they didn’t have any good analytics software installed on their website and were relying on the minimal data available from their web hosting account. We could get a rough idea of website traffic but not much else. I was even more surprised to find that they were also spending quite a large amount on PPC advertising. We usually find that people doing PPC are at least using Google Analytics to track their results.

In this article I’ll highlight some of the key questions you need answered from your analytics and some of the issues around these questions.


Improving the Performance of Your Lead Nurturing

Posted by Ken Semple

A mother duck leading and nurturing her ducklings. Just like your lead nurturing, not all your leads blindly follow along. That's why you have to track the performance of your lead nurturingLead nurturing campaigns aren’t things you just set and forget. You have to keep an eye on what’s working and what isn’t.

Lead nurturing emails are designed to move people through their buying process. If they’re not reading your emails, not clicking on your links, or worst of all unsubscribing, you’re losing potential customers.

Use your analytics to track and improve your lead nurturing performance.


5 Steps to Improving Your Sales Performance

Posted by Ken Semple

Your sales performance today depends on you plugging your marketing and sales into the way people buy. That's how you get more signed deals like this one.You no longer have control over the buying process. Most people know they can find out a great deal about their problems and how to solve them by doing research on the Internet. That’s why more than 80% of people now start their buying process by doing some research online.

Because they do this research, 60% of their buying decision is made before they even speak to a salesperson.

If you’re relying on cold calling or not including the information people need to make a buying decision on your website, your sales performance will be declining.

Here are 5 steps you can take to get the attention of these buyers and improve your sales performance.


How to Convert More Website Visitors Into Customers

Posted by Ken Semple

Don't lose your mystery website visitors. Convert more unknown visitors into known leads, then work them until they're ready to buyA common misconception by website owners is that growing website visitors alone will produce the business results they need. This is why strategies like SEO and PPC advertising are so widely used.

The ultimate goal for your website must be to produce more and more customers for your business as time goes by. Achieving this takes a lot more than just growing the number of visitors using SEO or PPC.

You must work to convert more of these visitors into leads and follow up with these leads until they’re ready to buy.


Proving Marketing ROI To Your Boss

Posted by Ken Semple

A happy boss has a growing business and knows his marketing dollar is providing a return on investmentSo you get back to work after a great Christmas and New Year break only to get called into the bosses office. You go in, and he pretty much asks you to prove your worth. He’s most likely pretty subtle about it, even so, not a great way to start the new year.

You go off and wonder what got up his nose over the holidays, why has he suddenly decided he’s spending too much on marketing? So you sit down to work out how to make him happy.

It’s not surprising that you’ll get asked to prove the value of your marketing at some time or another when you consider that 73% of executives don’t believe that marketers are focused enough on results to truly drive incremental customer demand.

So what do you have to do to keep your boss happy?


Tracking Your Email Marketing Using Analytics

Posted by Ken Semple

An icon for email marketingEmail marketing is still the most effective way to get you message out to your existing subscribers. Do you know which of your emails are working and which ones aren’t? Surprisingly enough, most of the people we speak to who are doing email marketing don’t.

These people are usually quite relieved to find out that tracking and improving their email marketing performance is quite easy.

There are a few key metrics you need to track and a few tips for making your email campaigns perform better.

Most of this information is available from all the major email marketing systems.


How To Determine Your Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

Posted by Ken Semple

Use social media to get your message out to the world and get people back to your websiteIt’s often thought that you can’t determine the effectiveness of your social media marketing. This is why it’s so hard to sell a social media marketing strategy to your boss.

Go about your social media marketing the right way and your analytics will tell you exactly how well it’s working.

Get the analytics right and you’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll know what your ROI is. Here’s how…


How Analytics Will Make Your Blogging More Effective

Posted by Ken Semple

Use analytics like a compass to keep your blogging on trackWhy is that some of your blog posts get hundreds of views while others get very few views?

You can shine some light on this issue and a lot more about your blogging performance using analytics. I makes good sense to do what you can to get the most from the effort you’ve put into your blogging.

If your marketing plan includes blogging as one of your marketing strategies, it should also define goals for the performance of your blog. Use your analytics to measure your performance against these goals.


Using Analytics to Improve Landing Page Performance

Posted by Ken Semple

Analytics data can be checked on almost any device today. There's no excuse not to track your landing page performanceHow well are your website landing pages performing? Do you really know? When was the last time you checked?

Many people take the set and forget approach to their landing pages. They put all their effort into creating offers and associated landing pages only to forget about tracking their performance.

Landing pages are the principal conversion tool on your website. If people are “landing” on them and aren’t converting, you need to know. You also need to know what’s working so you can repeat that for your new landing pages.

Set goals for the performance of your website and understand how each of your landing pages are contributing to these goals. Your analytics will tell you how your landing pages are performing.

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