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Recent Website Rebuild Not Performing? Here's How To Fix It

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Regular website updates will score well with Google and your customers respectively.It's a sad story that you're probably familiar with. You build a website - the product of months of crunch time, overdue and over budget, you get it over the line, and then leave it. Initially, there's a surge of growth, and then...nothing. Things go quiet, and you're left wondering what's caused it.

There are a few reasons why that might be. Today we're looking at one of them. If you've experienced a slump in traffic a few months after a complete website update and you're wondering why, then this article will help.


How To Solve The Biggest Problem in Website Redesign

Posted by Ken Semple

How to solve the biggest problem in website redesign - image of an old car in a field

How many times have you rebuilt your website? If you're like most businesses you've done it every 2 to 3 years since you've had a website. Think back to each time you've done a website redesign. Chances are you didn't enjoy any of your previous website rebuilds and you're not looking forward to the next one.

The reason that we’ve come to accept the fact that a website redesign is one giant headache is because of the approach we take to build them. The traditional website redesign process is filled with systemic risk and always requires a lot more effort from us than we expect, even when we hire a professional website developer to do it for us.

You might have guessed from what I said above that the biggest problem in website design is the way projects are run, which leads to several issues, one of the biggies being it places too much of an unexpected burden on the website owner.


How And Why You Should Set Goals For Your Digital Marketing

Posted by Mike Bird

Setting goals for your digital marketing efforts can have a great payoff when pointed in the right direction.The worst thing your digital marketers can do is start marketing your business without any type of goal or clearly defined ambition in mind. Though you may have a vague idea of what you want to accomplish (bring in more business, for example), defined goals keep you focused on moving in a positive direction and help you invest in marketing tools that will propel you forward, not hold you back.

Without goals, you may not ever know what successful marketing looks like, which can lead to overinvesting in marketing that isn’t helping and throwing money at a marketing tool that will never help you do achieve your goals.

If your company is just starting the digital marketing game or hasn’t had much luck in it so far, here is how to go about setting goals for your digital marketing strategy and better evaluate the needs and wants of your business.


How To Ensure Your Next Website Redesign Isn't a Disaster

Posted by Ken Semple

Ensure your next website redesign isn't a disasterMost web design projects either go over time or over budget, or both. Whilst this doesn't mean the project is a disaster, it certainly leaves you with a bad feeling about the project.

It's common for web design projects to be quoted and started without completing a detailed strategy and planning stage. A web design project is far more likely to turn into a disaster when these stages are missed. What else can contribute to a disastrous web design project? Read on...


A Better Way to Redesign Your Website

Posted by Ken Semple

Make your next website redesign an easy oneIf you have a website redesign coming up, I guess you're looking for a way to do it which isn't nearly as painful as your last website redesign.

Most websites are rebuilt every 2 or 3 years, and each time seems to be just like the first time. This is the traditional way websites are built and rebuilt.

This issue has been recognised by some developers and a new methodology has been developed which gets you your new website quicker, for a lower up front cost and with better results for your business.


A Successful Website Development Project Depends On Great Strategy

Posted by Ken Semple

This is what happens when you build something without a strategyYou wouldn't build a new house without a decent set of plans, there's just no telling what you'd get if you just described what you wanted to your builder and let them go. Strangely this is the way many websites are built, a meeting one morning to discuss the project and then set the developer on their way hoping they build what you need and want.

A successful website only comes from solid strategy and a strategy stage needs to include the following steps.


Why Most Web Design Projects Run Over Time and Over Budget

Posted by Ken Semple

Why most website projects go over time & over budgetWebsite development projects put a huge drain on a company's resources and often go way over time & budget. Here's why that happens and how to fix the problem


The Top 5 Things You Must Consider Before Your Next Website Redesign

Posted by Ken Semple

The Top 5 Things You Must Consider Before Your Next Website RedesignMost websites are rebuilt every 2 or 3 years with few major changes in between rebuilds. More often than not these rebuilds are not much more than a visual refresh of the website and a tweak of the content to match the business of today.

This type of website development project rarely produces much improvement to the performance of the website. When it next comes time to rebuild your website, do it differently and start by considering a few things you may not have considered in past rebuilds.

Put these 5 items at the top of your list before you start to redevelop your website:

  1. What has prompted your website redesign?

  2. The performance of your existing site against goals

  3. When do you want to commission?

  4. How much of your resources can you put into the project?

  5. The business goals for your new website


The Features You Must Have In Your Next B2B Website

Posted by Ken Semple

A next generation website has all the marketing features you need in a website todayWhen it comes time to redesign your website, and website redesign time seems to come around all too soon, you normally start to think about the features needed in the new website. More often than not the features thought about are features like menu type, image sliders, location finders, site search tools, courses & events, blogs and many more.


Get Your New Website In Half The Time With Growth Driven Design

Posted by Ken Semple

Get your website faster with Growth Driven Website DesignWhat! It’s gonna take six months for a website redesign. Frustrating isn’t it, your website is so critical to your marketing today, to wait six months until your rebuild is completed so you can launch your new promotion, the one that will drive your business growth, seems crazy.

The fact is, the average website rebuild for a small to medium business ranges from $15000 to $100,000 and takes 3 to 6 months to complete and is a huge drain on resources both the money and time.

It doesn’t have to me like that, with growth driven website design you’ll get your website in half the time and you’ll get better results too. How’s that possible? read on…

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