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A Great Logo Helps Build a Strong Brand

Posted by Jo Percy

The More Business Online logo. This one was used as our Google Apps icon. We had to rearrange the text and image to fit in this spaceWith logos simple is best. To be immediately recognisable, your corporate logo should be easy to recognise when in colour, black and white, small and large. In fact, tests have shown that the worlds most recognised logos are immediately identified by most people even when only showed in part.

Effective logos help build your brand by allowing that instant recognition and association with what it is that you do.


8 Tips For Building Your Brand With a Powerful Logo

Posted by Jo Percy

Your brand is more than your logo. Your logo is an image of your brandIt’s only a matter of downloading the logo quiz app to see how our brains react to brand symbolism and to see that it works. When presented with a screen filled with partially complete logos it’s amazing how many can be recalled from simply recognising a letter, colour or the shape of a line.

The way a logo is ‘born’ can vary greatly. Sometimes it comes with an original vision of a new enterprise – the concept, the marketability of the idea is all wrapped up in one simple visual and tagline. Other times the concept will develop into a business and require some creative thinking on how it can appeal to different target groups.


Your Brand And Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ken Semple

The More Business Online logoIs branding still as relevant today as it was in the past?  Think back to the days when people bought a car based on the brand.  A brand represented a company’s reputation.

If you were a Ford person then nothing could beat a Ford!  Things have changed significantly in our current era.


Why Clear Consistent Online Branding is Vital

Posted by Jo Percy

Make your online brand stand out from the crowdThe growth of modern business relies heavily upon Online Branding.  The first place that any consumer goes to look for information on a product or service is the Internet.  If your brand doesn’t have a presence there, you might as well shut up shop and head home!  You need to build a brand that resonates with your customers to keep them coming back.  So, if you want your business to grow - my advice is grow your brand online!


Rebranding Your Way To Higher Profits

Posted by Jo Percy

Rebranding is about building your brandRebranding can have a huge impact on your business. Brand leaders command up to 50% higher hourly rates than non brand leaders (1).

Rebranding can involve anything from choosing a new name, updating your look, to designing a new logo. It's trying something new to look better and bring more attention for your company.

Primarily your brand is about your reputation, and you have to add some visibility to get noticed.

Rebranding can bring new life to your business. It can also bring the opposite reaction to what you were expecting. If you have a solid reputation and decide to change the look of your image you might create uncertainty and confusion for your clients. It can be expensive to re-brand only to find out it hasn't worked. It's important to get it right.

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