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Insights From a Regular Business Blogger

Posted by Ken Semple

Business blogging is as much about a good idea as it is about writing it down in a way that people want to read itBusiness blogging today is pretty much essential today for growing traffic and leads on your website.

Even if we don’t write everything ourselves, and use our staff or outsource for some of the content, we still need to blog efficiently.

I’ve developed a number of insights from blogging regularly.


How A Content Writer Will Get You Better SEO Results

Posted by Paula Wallace

Writers don't normally use a pen anymore. It's still a great icon for writingLike the real world, the internet is full of good guys and bad guys. But increasingly, websites using blackhat practices in search engine optimisation (SEO) are losing out. Moves by search engine operators such as Google to expose them are giving the good guys an advantage in the race for the top rankings.

It’s clear that websites carrying fresh, relevant and quality content will be rewarded in how they rank in search engines.

With search engine algorithms becoming more intelligent and sensitive to practices like keyword stuffing and page cloaking, it’s clear that to improve your SEO results a dedicated content writer can give you the necessary competitive edge.


Surging to The Top of The Search Rankings

Posted by Ken Semple

The top five is where we want to be for as many keywords as possibleOur fresh web content experiment is over, and has been a great success. What did we prove? Stop publishing new content and slide down the search rankings. Publish new content regularly and surge up through the search ranks.

Updated: 13 December 2012

What did we do?

Normally we publish several posts to More Business Online’s blog each week.

For 2 weeks we published no new content to our blog or our website and tracked our search engine rankings before and after.

I published our first post about this experiment just before we started blogging again. Now after 2 weeks of regular blogging I’m publishing this blog post which shows how our search rankings have changed in the 2 weeks after resuming our blogging.


Create Winning Blog Posts With These Few Tips

Posted by Ken Semple

Follow these tips when creating your blog postsBusiness blogging is the key to month on month growth in targeted traffic to your website. Fresh, engaging, keyword rich content excites both the search engines and your target audience.

There's a lot of content out there, and some topics can be pretty saturated with content by authors all over the world.

How do you make your content stand out from the crowd? I've written about keyword research and optimising content for seo in previous articles. In this article I'll discuss optimising for the reader.


Run Your Content Past This Checklist Before You Click Publish

Posted by Ken Semple

Use this checklist each time you publish contentThere are many factors involved in creating great marketing content.  By following this content marketing checklist before you publish, you’ll ensure you put out the best possible content, without a hitch!

Goals - Ask yourself what you want to achieve with this particular piece of content and how will your measure its success.

Target Audience - Every piece of content doesn’t need to be designed for every reader.  Work out who your target audience is for this particular content, write to them and decide where it will be distributed.


How To Improve Your Search Rankings

Posted by Ken Semple

The top five is where we want to be for as many keywords as possibleWe here at More Business Online are always telling our clients how important it is to be adding fresh content to your website all the time.

It can be difficult to come up with fresh and entertaining content week in and week out and we often get asked “is it worth it?”.

To prove what we’ve been telling our clients, we decided to put it to the test and we stopped writing blog posts for a few weeks so we can show you what happens to search rankings (I hope you missed our blog posts it was for a good cause).


The 10 Must Have Features Of Effective eBooks

Posted by Ken Semple

A great cover is one of the keys to a successful eBookHave you got some great ideas for your next e-book or a series of publications online? Then it might be worthwhile brushing up on a few basic publishing dos and don’ts that will maximise your ability to pull in readers and convert them into customers.

While the Internet has allowed anyone to become a published author it’s worth getting some tips from the publishing dinosaurs, who figured out that a good cover, logical layout and attention-grabbing headline are critical to snaring the reader’s interest and, hopefully keeping it.

While it can be tempting to use the phrase whitepaper and e-book as if they are similar or interchangeable, the unfortunate legacy of whitepapers is that they often fail to follow the basic laws of effective publishing, and therefore fail to engage their intended audience.

It’s true that a whitepaper is generally packed with useful and valuable information, but their overly-technical expression, bland layout and inaccessible style mean they have not evolved to a point where they can ‘converse’ with a specific group – it seems more about telling than asking.

This is where e-books have an opportunity to provide value and make suggestions which readers will find extremely helpful and spur them to find out more without any pressure or hidden catches. Used in conjunction with an inbound marketing strategy, e-books can become a highly useful tool for businesses that have more than just a product to offer a potential customer, but a story to go with it.


Creating Fresh Content For Your Brand Everyday

Posted by Ken Semple

Fresh content that your readers love is the key to building your brand onlineWe all know that keeping content fresh and compelling day in, day out for our readers can be an overwhelming task.

Some days it just seems impossible to come up with a new and enticing content. Our readers require it to keep coming back and Google requires it for us to rank well.

So, what can you do about it?  I’ve got a few tips  for you to  follow to give you the boost you need.


4 Tips For Getting Your Blog Noticed

Posted by Ken Semple

Write content that gets noticed and it will be shared far and wideYou can have the best ideas in the world, a well designed website and expert knowledge, but it’s all a waste if you don’t know to get your information out there.

Let’s face it, there is loads of stuff out there, on any topic you can ever imagine!  So, how do you get people to read what you’ve written, instead of the thousands of other blogs on the internet?

It sounds daunting, I know, but with these simple tips, it’s easier than you might imagine.


How To Write Content For The Web

Posted by Ken Semple

Web pages aren't read like booksContent Marketing presents an ongoing battle between writing for the search engines and writing for people. It’s often forgotten that different people want to see different content. Some don’t want to read at all, some skim and others read every word.

How do you write content to satisfy all of these differing requirements. Read on and I’ll tell you.

There is a school of thought which says we need to provide different content, or pages, to suit these vastly different reader types. Luckily we don’t have to, we just need to write our content correctly.

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