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Making Content Bingeing Easier For Your Leads Will Close More Sales

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

It's kind of interesting how binge used to be a negative word but now it's viewed as a common activity.What was the last piece of content that you ‘binged out’ on? It’s only been in recent years that this little word has found its way into the world of content consumption, helped in no small part by online streaming services for TV.

The advent of content bingeing is one of the biggest pieces of evidence we have for the shift in how buyers now purchase and consume information. Online streaming provides content at the buyer’s convenience, and as a result, it’s become the norm to sit and consume a whole season of a TV series or the like in one sitting. Sure, you can have series release episodes on a one-per-week basis, but you’re just as likely, if not more so, to build a loyal following from having all of your content available for new leads to consume at once.

There’s a valuable lesson to be learned here that relates to content marketing and the content you have live on your own website. Shall we dig into it?


How To Write An Effective Content Brief In 3 Stages

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Writing a content brief can start off being a hard thing, but once you've got the basics down, it's an invaluable tool.Working out how to start can be one of the hardest parts of writing content. And that’s just if you’re writing for yourself. It’s not an unfamiliar feeling to be hunched over, staring at the blinking cursor, wondering how to condense all of your research into a comprehensive blog post or article.

Writing content can be a challenge for everyone, more so if there are multiple people involved in the process and the original intents of you, the chief editor, need to carry through from the first idea to the publication.

Structuring a content brief is an essential part of publishing and maintaining a content marketing strategy. Today we’re looking at how to distil and define your ideas for a new piece of content into a brief that can be given to a content creator and written into a powerful and valuable asset for your website.

Let’s kick off then, shall we?


How Do Content Marketing And SEO Work Together?

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

SEO and content work in unison, with one pushing the other forward and vice versa. Mighty convenient, really.One misconception I frequently encounter when writing about marketing is that SEO and content marketing are somehow at odds with each other. I’m not sure when it started, but it’d be nice to see the myth put to rest in the very near future.

Why is the ‘content vs SEO’ debacle a myth, you ask? It’s because they don’t really compete with each other as much as they play complementary roles in making your website visible and appealing for ideal buyers to visit and stay with.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how you can use your content marketing strategy to improve your website’s SEO.


How To Disarm 3 Huge Concerns About Content Creation And Marketing

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Give it a bit of time, a bit of practice, a bit of chutzpah, and you've got yourself a content creator.Starting out with a content marketing plan can be hard, particularly since many people I meet are doubtful that they meet the ‘creative requirements’ for creating content.

Today, we’re looking at the three biggest concerns that can sit on the shoulders of someone who’s just starting a content marketing strategy, and then dismantling said concerns.

So if you’ve thought these things before about your ability to create content, strap in. It’s going to be a positive experience.


Content Marketing & SEO: Not So Different

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

So Content marketing and SEO work less against each other, and more with each other. Whoever knew?Not going to lie, inbound marketing can sometimes be tricky to explain. Regardless of age, demographic, or profession, I’ve seen quizzical looks from many people I’ve explained my job field to.

“But isn’t that just content marketing?”

“Oh, so it’s like SEO?”

“So it’s marketing, but in reverse?”

And to a degree, I get it. Because of what inbound marketing is, and how it works, it’s very easy to get muddled with any one of the half dozen other online marketing strategies out there, or to even think that these different methods conflict with each other.

The reality is much simpler and much more complex than this. If you’re wondering what the difference is between SEO and content marketing and inbound marketing, or even what inbound flat-out is, then this is the article for you.


How To Get More Out Of Your Content And Marketing Offers

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Recycling is great - good for the environment, and good for producing a lot of content in a short period of time.Creating and maintaining content for marketing your business online can be a lot of work. There’s a certain level of quality that you want to maintain to create engaging, regular content, and then you need to up your game again for your marketing offers, in order to convert leads and bring in more business.

When assessed as singular pieces of work, it can be a lot of content to write. But with a bit of planning, you can cut down on the work to be done, and instead make your content work harder for you. How exactly?

The answer lies in the relationship between the content and the marketing offer.


True Content Marketing Success Is More Than ‘Going Viral’

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

I guess the allusion of viral marketing and glitter works in more than one way. Both are designed to get everywhere.For many content marketers, both large and small, ‘going viral’ is the dream. It’s the ideal form of marketing success - with web users around the globe sharing your brand, giving you more and more exposure and publicity.

The views to your viral content explode. Everyone is talking about you and your brilliant marketing campaign. Like I said, the dream, right?

Except that it’s not, always. For every successful viral marketing campaign that exists, there’s an article out there somewhere noting the failed ones.

So before you sit down with your team and plan the most radical ‘how to’ yet, make sure you consider the foundation your content marketing campaign needs to be built on.


5 Website Elements To Improve Your Sales Lead Conversion Rates

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

These lead conversion tactics are like ninjas - quiet, nearly invisible, and highly effective at getting the job done.Do you notice stage hands? You might or might not see them at theatre productions, or music concerts, or pretty much anything that involves a stage, bright lights, and some semblance of order.

These black-clad folks are there to make your experience seamless. Sure, you’re slightly aware of them while they’re on stage, but they’re there with a job to do, and they do it, and then they vanish, having completed their work of moving the characters on stage from one place to another.

They’re very similar to the five conversion-driving website elements that we’re discussing today. If you’re using these elements well, then they’ll move your potential customers from website visitors to sales leads with little fuss - in fact, when they’re used well, they should hardly be noticed at all.


How To Spark Emotional Engagement In Your B2B Marketing To Close More Sales

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Ever felt the sudden blankness that comes when you stare at an entire shelf of mayonnaise? We're looking at how to circumnavigate that, and help your buyer to feel good about the decision at the same time.Emotion drives every choice we make.

It sounds like an outlandish statement to make. Surely not every choice.

However clinical we might consider our decision-making prowess to be, there will always be an element of emotion to it. It’s a bias we can count on and one that you should acknowledge and take into account when marketing your business online.

But how does emotion factor in to purchase decisions? Does it really affect all buying decisions - even B2B ones? And how to we help stimulate it in our online marketing?


What To Do When You’re Attracting Poor Quality Leads

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Then again, perhaps you're into oversized Christmas jumpers. All metaphors have a limit.Getting a poor quality lead is kind of like unwrapping a jumper that’s three sizes too large on Christmas day. On the one hand, you don’t feel like you should complain. It was a gift, after all, and the family member that gave it is looking at you expectantly. On the other hand, you can’t really do anything with the jumper.

Your marketing leads need to be right for your business. You’ve got too much going on to entertain leads who won’t become customers.

So what do you do when your newest batch of leads all turn into dead ends?

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