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Generating Leads For Your Construction Company

Posted by Ken Semple

The restructuring in the Australian construction industry has meant looking at new ways to generate leads. Most of your buyers are searching online now and this is the place to generate your leadsThe time is now for companies in the Australian construction industry to tap into the way their buyers are doing their research today.

Overwhelmingly now, people are doing their research online.

The Australian construction industry has been slow to take advantage of this and, in this environment, the early adopters are going to win out.


Marketing In 2013 For Building & Construction Companies

Posted by Ken Semple

Internet or Online marketing is the way to go for the building and construction industry in 2013Marketing is undergoing a fundamental change in the building and construction industry. Whether at a commercial construction company in Sydney, a home builder in the Hunter Valley or a general construction company in Newcastle, the outlook is the same — buyers of construction services are vetting companies differently today.

The time is now to plan your marketing for 2013.

How is marketing today different? Why has it changed? That’s what I’ll address in this article.

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