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Why Your Accounting Firm Should Be Doing Content Marketing

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

Change can be hard to embrace, but there is a definite list of benefits to be had for the accounting firm that takes on content marketing.Accounting firms have a relationship with their clients that is pretty unique - you'll find a similar pattern in only a handful of other professions. It's a working partnership tempered with a high degree of trust, and often goes on for a long period of time. Because an accounting firm is built on these long-term, trusting relationships with clients, there's also a whole lot to say for how much of an impact customer referrals have on the business. Often, these referrals are one of the chief ways that a firm will bring in more business.

This pattern is functional, but it has its limitations. While customer referrals are a powerful way to bring in more clients, relying on it as the primary method of lead generation will ultimately restrict a business' growth, since the firm would only be bringing in a small pool of clients from a local area. 


Why Isn't My Accounting Blog Generating Leads?

Posted by Ken Semple

Your Australian accounting firm blog can generate all the leads you need to grow your businessIt’s encouraging to see that the number of Australian accounting firms who’ve started blogging is increasing rapidly.

I also see many of them give it a go and give up soon after because they aren’t seeing the results they expected.

Getting results from your blogging isn’t hard at all, you just need to produce the content your audience needs and will also get you ranked well on Google. Then provide your readers with a conversion path so you get more leads.


The FBT Changes - A Great NewsJacking Opportunity Missed

Posted by Ken Semple

Jump on a popular news story to get traffic to your website. This is newsjackingOn Friday I was reminded how effective newsjacking can be to your inbound marketing when I received an email newsletter from an Accountant. This email newsletter contained an article fragment and a link to the article on their website about Kevin Rudd’s FBT bombshell.

I run a small business which owns a couple of cars and I thought “great, this will tell me how much these changes are going to cost me”. I clicked through to the article and was disappointed when I didn’t learn any more than I already knew from the news reports about these Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) changes.

I saw this as a missed opportunity by this accountant. A missed opportunity to attract a surge of traffic from people enthusiastic to know more about this issue and how it affects them.

Done properly, this is called newsjacking. I’ll explain what newsjacking is and then go into detail about this missed opportunity.


Marketing For Newcastle Professional Services Firms

Posted by Ken Semple

A photo of Nobby's head and icon of Newcastle NSWWhatever service you provide, be it accounting, finance, HR, IT, logistics, legal, marketing, engineering, project management and any other professional service or consultancy, you are selling your knowledge and expertise to consumers and other businesses. You should be seriously considering inbound marketing as a key part of your business development plans.

The evidence is in, inbound marketing is a cost effective and productive way for marketing professional services.

An annual study has shown that inbound marketing consistently produces leads at 60% to 63% lower cost than leads produced from traditional marketing.

The time is right for professional services firms in Newcastle to start planning their inbound marketing strategy.

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