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Posted by Ken Semple

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The top five is where we want to be for as many keywords as possibleOur fresh web content experiment is over, and has been a great success. What did we prove? Stop publishing new content and slide down the search rankings. Publish new content regularly and surge up through the search ranks.

Updated: 13 December 2012

What did we do?

Normally we publish several posts to More Business Online’s blog each week.

For 2 weeks we published no new content to our blog or our website and tracked our search engine rankings before and after.

I published our first post about this experiment just before we started blogging again. Now after 2 weeks of regular blogging I’m publishing this blog post which shows how our search rankings have changed in the 2 weeks after resuming our blogging.

The initial results

Before we paused our blogging our weekly SEO reports showed general improvement in our search rankings as can be seen in the example below.

Weekly search ranking improvements before we paused our blogging

Each week we were seeing a general increase in our search rankings and an increase in the number of keywords we were ranked for.

Two weeks after pausing our blogging and this is what’s happened to our search rankings. Down across the board.

Weekly change in search rankings after pausing blogging for a couple of weeks

This is what happens when we resume our normal blogging

One week and 3 blog posts after the previous report and look at our weekly SEO report. All in the green after the first week.

Search rankings first week after resuming blogging. A major improvement in a key search terms for us Online Marketing Newcastle

Another week goes by with a few more blog posts published,and this week’s SEO report shows all green and many more tracked keywords have improved.

SEO report 2 weeks after resuming blogging. Improvement across the board including some of our key search terms

Update 13 December 2012 - After another week

Another week of blogging goes by and our SEO report is all positive. 36 Ranking improvements and here is the summary:

After another week the 12 December SEO report is all good

These results prove that adding fresh content to your website is now the best way to improve your search rankings. A content strategy will provide great search rankings for a large number of keywords, not just a few key terms. This means you will be found by more people searching in many different ways.

Key Takeaways

  • Adding content to your website on a regular basis really does improve your search rankings.
  • Your search rankings can fall away quickly when you stop adding content to your website.
  • Have a content strategy and a plan to add content to your website each week.
  • A business blog is the best platform for adding content to your website every week.


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