Spark Social Engagement With Twitter In 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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In order for you to begin the conversation with your followers, you need to know when and where the followers will be listening.Twitter has a fairly distinct vernacular. It has the ability to reach many with humour, information, news, opinions, and assistance, but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be used perfectly. Correct use of the social media platform requires wisdom, discernment, and the ability to check hashtags before starting them, among other things.

Nevertheless, it’s a helpful platform to engage with followers, and you want to be able to do that well.

This article gives us three ways to use Twitter to interact well with our social following.

1. Post Frequently

The half-life of a tweet is short. Somewhere between 17 and 24 minutes, if that. For your presence to be noticed on the social media platform, you need to be posting frequently. The challenge here is that you have a tiny window to do that - both in terms of the 140 character limit and the length of time in which followers are likely to respond.

The upside of this is that the life cycle of a tweet is short. It means you can post multiple times about your newest piece of content, linking users to it each time, and providing more opportunities for readers to find you, convert to leads, and become future customers.

A word of advice though, use each tweet to give readers a different reason to click on the article/link to new content. Spamming your followers with only one tweet and hoping for a stunner click through rate is not the way to go.

2. Engage With Your Audience

This will give you more opportunities to crop up in followers’ news feed, aside from linking them to your website. I once had a storywriter retweet some fan art and it made my day. When you can do the same for your followers, it says that you hear their voices and that they matter.

This is actually really important for successful marketing. Inbound marketing has a much greater return on it than traditional marketing, and that’s because it can hold a conversation without making a sales pitch. Your focus is your leads, your followers, and your customers. When you care about their needs and questions, you build a level of trust that carries them through to purchase and beyond.

3. Use Twitter’s Features To Your Advantage

Did you know a tweet featuring an image is 94% more likely to be retweeted? It’s a simple thing, to add an image to your newest update, but it can go a long way. The strength of using social media to promote your super-useful content is the signal boost that your followers can give it. Because if they find it helpful or interesting, they’re likely to pass it on, and your message will in turn reach people you never might have otherwise.

So, native picture embedding raises the odds of people looking, clicking, and passing on. Timing is also something worth considering here. We mentioned that the life of the tweet is a short thing, so post them at the time when the most traffic is passing through the social media platform.

Your best bet for twitter posting depends on whether your business sells to other businesses or to consumers. For B2B companies, weekdays are ideal posting. For B2C, Wednesdays and weekends give the highest levels of engagement and click-through.

When it comes to posting during the day, 12pm and 6pm give your highest click-through rates. 5pm renders the highest number of retweets.

The Wrap Up

So, what is in store for the twitter-wielding, inbound marketing linguist this week?

Understand that the posts you make on twitter won’t stay visible for long. You can make up for the short lifespan by posting with variance on multiple times.

Posts with relevant images attached will always always, get more interaction. This includes retweets and click-throughs.

Make your words matter by posting at the right time of day. The only reason your business needs a social media presence is to be noticed by, and interact with your followers.

On that note, interaction with your followers is a great way to showcase your brand and your voice - conveying that you’re an online business interested in the needs of its customers and leads alike. When you have a following of people who trust your name and your brand, it’s an ideal place to be. They pass on your message, and you reach more people to interact with, ever-widening the circle of ideal customers for you to draw in.

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