When You're Marketing To Engineers Don't Make It Look Like Marketing

Posted by Ken Semple

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No ads please we're engineers. Don't make your website sound like an advertisement if you want to close engineers as leadsIt’s quite surprising to see that most websites which are aimed at engineers look like they came out of last century and provide very limited technical information.

That doesn’t mean your website should be a flashy, pushy, salesy website with annoying pop ups and the like just because these websites work for some. Engineers hate shallow marketing and advertising material and getting their attention requires solid problem solving content.

Engineers are pretty easy to satisfy, they just need solid information which helps them with their problem. They like to do their own research and they don’t like marketing B.S.

Engineers just hate anything which looks like marketing or advertising material

Engineers do research and use the facts to make their own mind up about what they need.

If your content is anything more than useful research material, they’re out of there.

Research into website design shows that pop ups asking people to subscribe or chat or whatever else works. Well it might for the general public, not for engineers. Don’t distract an engineer from making their own decision about what they’re looking at.

Every website must provide for its target audience. Even more so for websites targeting engineers. You must step up and provide the extra level of detail engineers demand. If you provide them with what they need, you’ll get the lead.

Yes, you do have to make your website look great when you’re targeting engineers

A common misconception is that engineers don’t care what things look like and are more concerned about how they work. That may be so most of the time, not when it comes to technology, websites included.

If they land on your website and it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the web was just new, they’re out of there on onto your competitors website.

Make sure your website looks like it’s up to date. The perception is, if it looks up to date the content will be too.

Make your website easy to navigate

This is a given for every website. Be especially careful when you develop a website targeted at engineers.

Engineers need more information than most people, and they need quick and easy access to it.

Standard practice when setting out a website architecture is to give people multiple ways to navigate the site. This, again, is doubly important for engineers. Some are looking to navigate by function or problem solved and others by product type.

You’re also going to want to make sure you have all the detailed specs available on each relevant page and also make them available on an easy to search resources page.

What sort of content do engineers need to see on your website

Quite simply good solid technical content which helps them with their problem which isn’t tainted by any marketing or sales pitch. You have to understand exactly what problems your products and services solve for them and show in detail how you do just that.

They need solid technical reasons why your offering is the one they should use. This is where a business blog is a great solution. You can write short informal articles which respond to the micro issues engineers need resolved before they’ll buy. Your blog will also help you rank well on the search engines and generate new leads. Tightly link your blog posts together so each post is logically linked to related posts.

Don’t forget their boss and everyone else in the purchasing chain

Engineers might be the people who discover your website and your business as they do their research. It’s unlikely that they’ll be the decision maker or the direct buyer of your product or service.

Someone up the chain, like their boss, will make the purchase decision and someone else again will make the purchase so you need to have content on your website which satisfies their needs as well as the needs of the engineers.

Key takeaway

Strangely enough, most websites which are designed to target engineers do very poorly at satisfying the needs of engineers. Follow these few tips and you’ll see the leads pour in.

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