The Marketing Offer is Your Gateway To Leads

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Once you have the offer downpat and appealing looking, lead conversion will become a much easier job.The ability of your business to function with the inbound marketing model rests on the marketing offer.

I mean, for an inbound marketing strategy to work, it needs more than just an offer. There’s the challenge of getting people to your website first, and then getting them interested enough in what you have on offer that they desire the offer, and then there’s all the work to be done by your email marketing wizards before they become sales qualified leads. But still, the biggest step in the process occurs when your website visitor takes you up on the marketing offer.

So we get that it’s an important thing. You want to get it right, understand it in full, and fit it seamlessly in with the rest of your marketing. Okay. How do we do that?

The Greater Purpose

I’ve always held with the thought that you can understand how to use something once you understand what it is. Let us apply it to the offer, then.

An offer is a way for you to collect the contact information of leads in a way that is non-invasive and nonthreatening. With all of the buying power for products and services now in the hands of the consumer, the offer has become a necessary token to give and a helpful way to attract the genuinely interested.

As well as being a great way to convert leads, the marketing offer can help your leads to move through the buying process. Leads hold a lot of power when it comes to buying in today’s age of online reviews and multiple vendors, but if you can help answer their questions through the marketing offer, then you’re going to have a much easier time of convincing them that you’re the right people for the job.

How To Use Offers Best

In mentioning that offers can be used to help a lead through the buying process, it’s probably worth spending some time on what the buying process is.
A three-step progression, the buying process (often rendered as the ‘buyer’s journey’) refers to the three states of mind that an individual will go through when searching for a solution to their problem. Your website visitors won’t always be at ‘stage one’ of this process when they find you, so it’s important to build a variety of offers that can appeal to visitors with different questions.

Wait, What Questions? And What Offers Do I Need?

So you want to build a variety of offers that work to answer the different problems your website visitors will have. There’s a lot of questions that you could work to answer, and they’ll vary between businesses, but ultimately your offers need to help a website visitor do one of three things:

  1. Identify their problem (that you can solve)

  2. Identify a suitable solution (that you offer)

  3. Select a vendor

Now, there’s a variety of offers you can build that will help a reader find solutions to those problems. You could have on offer:

  • ebooks

  • whitepapers

  • checklists

  • spreadsheets

  • slideshares

  • demos

  • free trials

  • tutorials

Really, the list goes on. The trick is to make the offer so appealing that your reader will be compelled to obtain it.

The Bigger Picture

Once we understand how the core of lead conversion works, it then becomes a lot easier to see how and why everything else fits together. In order to gain the contact details of a lead, you need a great offer. For your future lead to understand how great that offer is, you need your landing pages and web content to convey its value. Once you’ve got everything lined up, the effectiveness of your marketing offers will compound, delivering high quality leads who are eager to find out more about your business.

The Wrap-Up

  1. Marketing offers are how you get leads. You need them to be appealing, helpful, and showcased by your free-to-access content.

  2. Your offers will have better traction with website visitors if their value is clearly displayed.

  3. Build your marketing offers to answer the questions of your readers. Because questions that readers will have will vary over time and according to the individual, create a variety of offers to appeal to that variety.

  4. Keep your offers gated behind landing pages and lead conversion forms to ensure the details of your new and excited leads are kept.




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