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Posted by Ken Semple

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A photo of Nobby's head and icon of Newcastle NSWWhatever service you provide, be it accounting, finance, HR, IT, logistics, legal, marketing, engineering, project management and any other professional service or consultancy, you are selling your knowledge and expertise to consumers and other businesses. You should be seriously considering inbound marketing as a key part of your business development plans.

The evidence is in, inbound marketing is a cost effective and productive way for marketing professional services.

An annual study has shown that inbound marketing consistently produces leads at 60% to 63% lower cost than leads produced from traditional marketing.

The time is right for professional services firms in Newcastle to start planning their inbound marketing strategy.

Professional services firms are hired to solve a problem

Professional services firms are usually hired because a business has a problem or need. This problem often builds up over time until it becomes too important to ignore.

As the problem has developed, the business’s employees have been doing what comes naturally today, searching for information about this problem on the Internet. Each employee has a different slant on the issue and uses different search terms to find their answers.

They hire the firm they trust the most

Who are they going to call when the time is right? That’s easy, they’re going to call the firm they became aware of as their problem developed. This firm will be the one that dominates the search terms related to the problem. This firm will also have a productive website which provides the most relevant and up to date content that speaks to the problems and needs of their clients and prospects.

Website content along with relevant downloadable offers, white papers eBooks etc, and targeted automated follow up which guides them through the sales process builds that trust.

Putting inbound marketing to work for your firm

Inbound marketing could be both the largest and fastest growing source of business for your firm.

Doing inbound marketing right requires getting on top of all the things that make inbound marketing work including:

  • Understanding the personas of your clients and prospects so that content can be created that speaks to them
  • Defining the “pain” points of each of these personas so that your content articulates this pain “in their own words”
  • Define the buying process for each of these personas and align that with your sales process
  • Creation of a content strategy and content delivery plan
  • Development of a social media strategy to support the content strategy
  • Create an SEO strategy which aligns with the search terms used by your client personas as they move through the sales process
  • Integrate marketing with sales to ensure that leads are efficiently and effectively transformed into clients

Inbound marketing just makes sense for professional services firms

Inbound marketing works best when people need to do research before purchasing a product or service. That research is predominantly done online today. Inbound marketing provides:

  • Month on month growth in traffic generating an ever increasing number of leads
  • Great content to build trust. Blogging develops the thought leadership of key staff aligning that trust with people and not just a faceless company
  • Lead capture and lead nurturing to maintain the relationship with leads throughout their buying process generating more clients
  • Fully qualifying leads before making contact, meaning less time is wasted with unqualified leads
  • Higher growth and profitability
  • Continued development of the relationship with existing clients

Key Takeaway

Professional services firms in Newcastle have been slower to embrace Internet marketing technologies. As such, competition is quite low and great results are easier to achieve.

The time is now to for professional service firms in Newcastle to begin implementing their inbound marketing strategy.


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