Marketing Your Newcastle Engineering Firm In 2013

Posted by Ken Semple

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inbound marketing works great for engineering companiesI’ve been hearing how engineering firms in Newcastle and the Hunter are feeling the pinch at the moment with the slowdown in the coal mining industry.

It’s time to get back on top of your marketing, and get the message out to prospects throughout the country and the rest of the world.

Internet marketing and more specifically inbound internet marketing is the best way to get that message out there.

There are a number of pretty solid reasons for starting your inbound marketing in 2013.

Generate leads from further afield

Inbound marketing runs on great content which attracts traffic to your website from all over the world. You can control this by regionalising your content, bringing more traffic from your target locations around the country and the world.

Increase traffic to your website using your targeted content and convert that traffic into more leads with compelling offers.

High growth high profit companies leverage online marketing

A recent survey of 500 companies found that those companies which generated more than 40% of their leads online grew more than twice as fast as those that generated fewer leads online.

These companies were also found to be more profitable than the companies generating fewer leads online.

Your prospects now search the internet first

80% of people begin researching a new purchase online, including B2B purchases, and 85% of these are looking for a local business.

75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of results.

If you can’t be found online, you’re losing business.

Most website visitors are just lookers and inbound marketing captures more of these

Only 3% of the visitors to your website are ready to buy. If you aren’t working to capture information about the other 97%, you’re losing business.

It’s understandable then, why a “Contact Us” form is hardly used with only 3% of website visitors ready to buy.

The inbound marketing process ensures you have offers for first time visitors as well as those that are ready to buy.

They hire the firm they trust the most

As people research solutions to their issue, they will visit many websites looking for the information they need. Some websites will provide little value whilst others will provide them with exactly what they need and also guide them to related material building trust.

The firm they hire will be the one that dominates the search terms related to the problem. This firm will also have a productive website which provides the most relevant and up to date content that speaks to the problems and needs of their clients and prospects. Website content along with relevant downloadable offers, white papers eBooks etc, and targeted automated follow up which guides them through the sales process builds that trust.

The inbound marketing process ensures you have a website which will get you found and build that trust.

The pickings online are easy now

The engineering industry has been slow to take up online marketing and in particular inbound marketing.

This is particularly true for the engineering industry in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley and also applies to engineers in Sydney.

Acting now will give you a leg up on your competition. Once you get ahead of your competitors online, it’s hard for them to catch you up and pass you.

Generating Leads Online is Cheaper

This is one of the best reasons to explore an inbound marketing strategy.

Generating leads through inbound marketing costs 61% less than generating leads through traditional advertising and marketing.

This is a consistent figure. For the last 3 years HubSpot has surveyed over 4000 companies and in each of these surveys this figure was slightly more than 60%.


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