It's Never Been Easier To Edit Your Website Content

Posted by Ken Semple

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HubSpot's new website platform makes it easier than ever to edti your web content

One of the biggest challenges we have with our clients is helping them to understand how to edit their websites. Until now every website development and management system we've seem separates content management from the website itself. You edit the website in a completely different looking interface than the public view of the website itself. Most of these systems easily understood only by IT techs and are challenging for everybody else.

The result of this problem is that website content isn't being updated when issues are identified causing conversion rates to fall. 

This all changes today as HubSpot has released their next generation of website tools. This update allows you to edit the content right where you see it, in the public view of the website. Not only that, you get mobile optimisation and SEO assistance built in.

Let me show you how easy it is to edit your website content using the latest version of HubSpot's website platform.

Look at how easy it is to edit your web pages

When you open a page of your website for edit, you see the page as the public sees it with a tool bar at the top of the page.

A web page open for edit in the new HubSpot websites platform

As you move over areas of the page where there is content you can edit you see a pencil and a box showing the content you're about to edit. Click and you'll open the inline editor.

Hover over the area you wish to edit and click to go to edit mode

In edit mode you see the toolbar for the editor above the content you're editing and the changes you make happen live on the page. This is vastly different to the vast majority of website CMS systems where you edit in a Word like interface with the content not remotely looking like the end product on the web page.

Editing your content in the new HubSpot websites platform

SEO optimisation advice built in

Built-in search optimisation (SEO) without any plugins or code. Get a personalised to-do list with instructions to improve your pages for search.

Enter your website content and click on the "Optimize" button and you're away. You'll be presented with a list of things you're doing well, things you can improve upon and things you need to fix.

All green in the image below so we must be getting something right.

SEO hints right in the website page editor - right then and there when you create the content

Mobile optimised out of the box

70% of mobile searches result in action within one hour so your website better work well on mobile.

The HubSpot websites platform is mobile optimised, out of the box. You can modify your content without having to worry about whether or not it will work well on mobile.

No need to put off updating your content anymore

With website tools like these there's no need to put off updating your content anymore, no need to wait for IT, just do it. You'll have to be on the HubSpot website platform for that though so request a free consultation now and we can discuss what's involved.


Download our free guide: An introduction to the next generation website

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Download our free guide: An introduction to the next generation website

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