5 Steps to Improving Your Sales Performance

Posted by Ken Semple

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Your sales performance today depends on you plugging your marketing and sales into the way people buy. That's how you get more signed deals like this one.You no longer have control over the buying process. Most people know they can find out a great deal about their problems and how to solve them by doing research on the Internet. That’s why more than 80% of people now start their buying process by doing some research online.

Because they do this research, 60% of their buying decision is made before they even speak to a salesperson.

If you’re relying on cold calling or not including the information people need to make a buying decision on your website, your sales performance will be declining.

Here are 5 steps you can take to get the attention of these buyers and improve your sales performance.

Ensure your inbound marketing is up to scratch

First and foremost your inbound marketing will attract visitors to your website. These visitors are the people doing research into their purchase. It’s critical that these people find you before they find your competitors.

With 60% or a prospects buying decision now being made based on what they’ve found online, you’ve got to provide them with the content they need so you ensure it’s your salespeople who get to speak with them.

Your inbound marketing systems are going to guide people through their buying process. Just about all your prospects will visit your website before they buy from you.

Set up your inbound marketing software so that it will notify you when a lead is ready for your call.

Connect your CRM to your Inbound Marketing Software

Your inbound marketing software is collecting all sorts of data on your website visitors, your leads and your customers. Your CRM collects all of the intelligence from your sales team.

Connect the two systems together and they will exchange their information so your marketing team knows what your sales team knows about a lead, and your sales team knows what your marketing team knows about a lead.

This readily available lead intelligence allows you to understand which lead activities triggered you to be notified about a Sales Ready Lead. Knowing this allows you to work more closely with marketing on creating a better definition of a Sales Ready Lead so you close more sales.

Research your prospects

It only takes a moment to check out the company website of your leads. A quick look at the companies social media accounts will also reveal plenty about them.

People today have a digital identity which is hard to hide. They participate in social media and are listed on their business website and other websites like professional associations.

A quick Google search on the name of your lead will reveal more about them than you could ever find out in the past. Google your own name, you might be surprised what you find.

Feed offline leads into your inbound marketing

Use the intelligence gathering brilliance of your inbound marketing software to see which of your offline leads are really interested.

Direct them to some content on your website which is ideal for their needs. Once they download it, they’re captured by your inbound marketing systems. You’ll know when they visit your website and they’ll receive your lead nurturing emails.

Soon they’ll be ready for your next call, and you’ll know when because the software will tell you.

Call your prospects at the right time

You no longer have to guess the right time to call your prospects. You used to put a note in your diary, or your CRM, around when you think they might be ready for your next call.

Now you use the data from your inbound marketing system / CRM to tell you when a lead is ready for you next call. Things like, they’ve just downloaded an offer which you use to indicate someone is ready to buy, or they’ve just visited the pricing page on your website.

You can set these systems to notify you immediately of such events so you can strike while the iron's hot.

Key takeaway

The buyers are now in control of their buying process which means they’re also in control of your sales process. The information they can get online has means the scale is continuing to tip towards the buyer.

You need to change the way you sell to ensure it plugs into the way people buy today. That’s the only way you can improve your sales performance.

One of the key steps is connecting your marketing and sales systems which will also make the dialog between the marketing and sales teams that much easier. This is called closed loop marketing and sales, and we’ve produced an eBook which shows you how to do it. Download the free eBook “An Introduction to Closed-Loop Marketing”.

Download our free eBook: An Introduction To Closed-Loop Marketing

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Download our free eBook: An Introduction To Closed-Loop Marketing

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