Want To Improve Your Website Design? These Elements Will Need Updating

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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The nature of things is that they change. The best and wisest thing we can do with designing a website is to be open to that change and interested in seeing where it goes.Website design is one of online business’ hottest topics at the moment. And why wouldn’t it be? Flat design and aesthetic minimalism have swept the technological world, delivering us with sleek gadgets and single-button devices.

And we’re looking to implement the same thing with our websites, with the expectation that an updated look will be all we need to start reeling in new customers. In reality, there’s much more than a shiny new website that goes in to bringing in visitors and turning them into leads, and then nurturing those leads until they’re ready to become customers.

But website design is one of the first steps to that end. Today, we’re looking at a few ways to improve your design by updating some of your website’s features.

Optimise Your Website For Mobile

Unless your business is a multinational company, a lot of your buyers are going to be from your local area. Did you know that 95% of mobile searches are for local businesses? It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Picture yourself, walking into your laundry to find that something in the plumbing has broken. There’s water pouring from a pipe. You have zero time for firing up your computer or finding where your local directory is. It makes much more sense to just run a search for emergency plumbing on the phone that’s in your hand.

According to Get Found Local, the supplier of these statistics, 79% of local businesses don’t have mobile optimisation. That’s a huge divide between the amount of people searching and the amount of websites equipped for their devices.

So, the question is, does your website optimise for mobile users? Developing a responsive website can be a bit of extra work but the dividends speak for themselves. With a responsive website, you’ll be able to reach more people who are actively searching for what you offer. Not only that, but the user experience will greatly improve your lead conversion rates, and contribute greatly to the success of your business.

Your Website Needs To Communicate The Right Information, Right Now

How long do you think the attention span of the average web user is? 30 Seconds? 1 Minute? Fast internet has given us a page load attention span of around 3 seconds. If your website takes longer than that to load, you’re losing customers.

The speed of your users internet is an influencing factor that you don’t have a lot of control over, but there are things you can do to make your load time faster and more productive.

Removing bandwidth-hogging animations or outdated plugins will have a substantial impact on your load time, as will clearing and streamlining your pages.

This is more to do with page layout and the amount of information on a page than how long the page takes to load, but both have an impact on how quickly your web browser is going to process the information on your website. If you can restrict the amount of information you have on your homepage to only what is needed for the user to justify staying on your website, you’re going in the right direction. Give them the information they need, in their terms, and you’ll lower the amount of potential customers lost to load time.

Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Plugins

This got a mention earlier, but it deserves expanding on as well. If your website has elements that require installation of extra plugins, you’ll lose viewers in the seconds it took them to realise you were one of those websites. Your online business needs to be accessible to as many people as possible. Keep your elements and add-ons updated and secure. And start replacing Flash with HTML5. The decline of the plugin and its lack of support on an increasing number of devices means that our websites need to change in order to keep up with demand.

The Wrap-Up

Your website needs to be accessible to as many people as possible. They need to arrive at your website quickly, and be able to see and understand the value to be gained from your website in a very short period of time. You can help aid this by streamlining your website’s elements and amount of information presented at any one time, as well as staying abreast of latest developments and new technology on your website.

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