How To Establish An Engaging LinkedIn Page

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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LinkedIn will help you link in with the professional network that can bring you more business and will let you reach more peopleDo you have a presence on LinkedIn?

Perhaps you’re aware of the social network, knowing that it’s focused on businesses and professional networking, but you’re not entirely sure if you need one or why you need another thing to manage. Perhaps it’s on the list of things you’ll probably do in the near future; a Post-it that’s been stuck to your monitor for the last eight months or more.

Today, we’re looking at what LinkedIn is, why it’s a useful thing to have, and how you can go from having no presence on the website to establishing a solid, lead-generating connection for your business.

LinkedIn: What Even Is It?

LinkedIn has been around for a while - a little over ten years, although its popularity has only grown in the last few years. Its purpose is to connect professionals and businesses with individuals, and provides space for said parties to interact and, well, link in with each other.

Features on offer include space to display your previous positions held, as well as your current employment and relevant education. There’s also the opportunity to tell visitors about what you’re on about, either as a business or as an individual, as well as your website, and skills that you possess or are able to deliver.

If this sounds like the ‘About Us’ page of your website, or a mobile resume, then we’re on the right track - that’s essentially what your LinkedIn profile can display.

Why Is LinkedIn A Useful Thing To Have Then?

You’re probably now thinking, ‘well, why would I want another page that essentially tells everyone something that is already easy enough to access on my website?’, and that’s a valid question. Thing is, your ‘About Us’ page can be problematic to find, or may not answer some of the basic questions that your website visitors are searching for.

LinkedIn provides a basic layout to answer the basic questions that people might have concerning you or your business. This simplified setup displays information consistently and allows website visitors and potential customers to see who you are and what you’re on about in a third-party environment.

This third-party environment also can extend your reach and visibility beyond that of your website, allowing for connections to be made with other businesses and individuals. Such a platform allows you to showcase your business and your connectivity, subsequently being confirmed as a worthwhile and authoritative company.

Something else that LinkedIn allows for is linking back. With a LinkedIn profile, you’ll be able to supply a wider range of visitors with direct links back to your website, to your blog, and to your landing pages, among others. While you may not be able to populate a LinkedIn profile with content in the same way as you do your website, you can use it as a springboard and a gateway to market your business to a connected and wide range of potential and future customers, and that’s reason enough to take the post-it off your monitor and start working on a profile.

How Do You Go About Making An Engaging Profile?

There’s a wide variety of things to consider when mastering LinkedIn. Things like your links, your branding images, and your SEO strategies are all things that warrant consideration for building a great profile. Building a great keyword strategy and implementing it into your page will help too - keywords are just as effective in the professional social network as they are in the online community.

Of course, there’s more to it than that - the ebook below contains a step-by-step guide to practically building a LinkedIn page or profile that will connect to your ideal customers. Doing so will draw them in through great content marketing and clever layout, bringing ready-to-convert leads to your website. And, you’ll have a way to nurture those leads by being responsive and attentive through your connected, reliable presence on LinkedIn.

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