The Habits Of A Successful Facebook Business Page

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Attracting the right kind of customers using Facebook can start off as sticky business, but you'll be attracting people in no time.What makes for a successful marketer over social media? Is it their killer body copy? Their viral videos? Their hilarious online marketing schemes?

Well, it could be all of these, or it could be none of these. It really depends on what your social media presence is bent on achieving with your followers, and whether those goals align with the natural purpose and use of your social media platform of choice.

To answer the question, ‘what makes for a successful marketer over social media’, we’re going to first look at the chief purposes of running a Facebook business page, and then ways to use that page for the greatest benefit to your business.

Chief Purposes Of Running A Facebook Page

1. Connection

It’s in the name, really. The purpose of social media is, well, social activity. A business page on Facebook should be no different - encouraging visitors and leads and customers to connect with your business in a positive environment. Once the message is conveyed that your business is one that’s on about connecting and communicating with its followers, you’ll be onto a good thing with getting them to hear you out on what you have to offer.

2. Sharing

Right on the heels of connection, giving the ability to your followers to share their positive experiences with you and with others concerning you is a great endorsement, far more likely to result in high-quality leads. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

3. Convenience For The User

Did you know that it’s possible to set up calls to action on your Facebook business page? Such a feature enables visitors to your page to interact with you, even convert to leads, without ever having to leave Facebook. This feature is powerful, because it allows the user to complete the first step toward becoming a buyer without your business coming across as pushy. When you remove the barriers to lead conversion, you lose a lot less interest from followers due to effort required.

4. Visibility

Social media has become so indispensable to the general public now, that having a Facebook business page is seen as the norm. Having your name and presence across multiple platforms assures to searchers the validity of your statements and the content that you have on offer will give further reassurance of your ability to provide answers to the questions they’re seeking.

So now we’ve got a good look at the reasons why you can and should have a Facebook page for marketing your business online. Want to know some of the things you can do with your page to take it from good to great?

Things To Do:

1. Provide A Conversation Space

We’ve established that a business page can achieve much by opening up the floor for conversation, delighting followers and customers alike. By gearing your page toward this kind of interaction, either between yourself and the public, or by facilitating a positive space for conversation between members of your following, you present a company that is customer-centric. A space for people to talk to each other about how good your product is in the context of their lives is a great reflection on your business.

2. Understand The Interests Of Your Followers

This is done with the help of your buyer personas - the researched ideal customers of your company. You’ll have developed and researched their interests and concerns for creating the persona. So grab those interests and let them influence what you post about your company. Do your followers enjoy creative ways to apply your chocolate spread to things? Make showing them how a part of your content.

3. Encourage Sharing

When you positively fuel the conversation space, give your customers who promote your product a signal boost. Encourage the sharing of your product or service through promotions, giveaways, user-contributed content - whatever suits your business. Social media gives you a way to extend the visibility of your business, and excited customers will be happy to spread the news given the right call to action. Sharing content, even content of users, lends to your brand and to your voice that you’re a business on about the customer experience.

4. Use The Right Kinds Of Content

Content is a pretty blanket term, so it’s important to be using the different kinds of content to their greatest level of use here. Given that Facebook is a highly visual space that’s light on body copy, you’ll gain the best response rate from promoting content that reflects this. Create content with a high visual bias, that is easy and fun to read, and invokes positive emotions. A high level of engagement here will enable you to capture and keep the interest of leads and visitors alike, leading to conversions (via your Facebook page) and a great base of enthusiastic customers being established.


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