Why You Should Use Growth Driven Design For Your Website Rebuild

Posted by Ken Semple

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Growth Driven Website Design LogoDo you have a website rebuild coming up?

If you do, I bet you’re not looking forward to it. The traditional website rebuild every 2 or 3 years puts a huge drain on company resources. It just seems to suck more time, effort and money than it’s worth.

Growth driven website design is a website development process which is designed to take most of this pain away, and get you the results you need from your new website.

Why is a website rebuild such a pain anyway?

There’s one simple reason rebuilding a website is such a painful job. It’s because the traditional website rebuild happens every few years and all in large project. Basically you’re jumping into a huge project and, on top of that, it’s one of those occasional projects that just get in the way of all the other things you have to do.

It doesn’t matter how big the website is, small business or corporate, a website rebuild draws heavily on your resources both money and time. If you’re a one man show it’s tough to find the time you need to put into a website rebuild, same if you’re a marketing manager for a corporate the amount work which needs to be done is largely proportional.

On top of that, traditional website development projects pretty much always go over time and over budget to add to the pain even more.

How can we eliminate this pain or at least make it manageable?

Why not just reduce the size of the job. Sounds impossible, your website is a certain size and it’s going to take a relative amount of effort to rebuild it. I guess that’s the issue, why rebuild the whole thing at once, do it in manageable stages.

I know you’re asking this: Wouldn’t that leave my website in a mixed state, some old and some new?

Yes it will, but that isn’t really a problem. Start with a moderate sized project to replace the most important pages on the website first, and then work through all the others progressively at a manageable pace. The old pages on your website will continue to work as they always have done, and the new ones, well they’ll perform even better.

Our site is a good example of this. We’ve just redone the website design section and are yet to work through the rest of the website. The image below shows part of one of the new pages and part of an old page. All we’ve done with the old pages is add the new header, footer and menu which happens in one go by updating the template. As we get to each page we’ll update its content and design.

Our website under Growth Driven Website Design. Some new pages and some old pages

I guess this is the core of the growth driven website design process - break the work into manageable chunks rather than trying to do it all in one project every few years.

Growth Driven Design - how it works

Firstly, and very similar to traditional website design, growth driven website design begins with a strategy stage. The strategy defines the overall goals for the website along with the visual concepts, a plan for the initial “launch pad” website and a wish list for everything else that needs to be done after the launch pad website is commissioned.

The Launch Pad Website
The launch pad website is the starting point for your growth driven design activities. Part of the existing website is rebuilt and the rest of the existing website is left as it is or tweaked so it integrates better with the new launch pad website.

Ongoing Growth Driven Website Design
Each month a few items from the wish list are selected for completion. The selection can be data driven, based on the performance of the website in the previous month, or just the highest priority items.

The amount of work done each month depends on the urgency of the work and the resources available, some months you’ll check off more items than in other months.

Just like owning a house, there’s always something which can be added or needs maintenance. Doing it bit by bit is manageable. Doing all of it at once takes much longer, makes the house almost impossible to live in and creates significant family stress. And then, once “it’s all” done, how long until you have to work on something else.

Much better results

Because your website is always improving, with analytics data continually driving that improvement, a growth driven design website produces significantly better business results without draining your resources.

Your next website rebuild doesn’t have to be painful, develop it using the growth driven design methodology instead of the traditional way you’ve done it before.


Download our free guide: An introduction to growth driven website design

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Download our free guide: An introduction to growth driven website design

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