Grow Your Accounting Firm With Inbound Marketing

Posted by Ken Semple

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Grow your accounting firm with Inbound MarketingHigh growth, high profit accounting firms get more of their leads online than median growth / profit firms. Why is that? Well, it’s more cheaper to generate leads online. Another reason is that there are easy pickings online right now.

I just did a quick Google search on Accountants Newcastle to see who came up in a local search. I only found 1 with an offer other than “Contact Us”. It was good to see that some have started blogging which is the first step to Inbound Marketing.

So there is plenty of opportunity for capturing online leads.

High Growth versus Average Accounting Firms

High growth accounting and financial services firms are generating more than twice the number of leads online than average growth firms.

High growth accounting and financial service firms generate 23.4% of their leads online compared to 11.4% for average growth firms.

High growth accounting and financial service firms are also considerably more profitable than average growth firms. High growth accounting / financial service firms have a profitability of 25% compared with 12% for average growth firms.

Generating Leads Online is Cheaper

Generating leads through inbound marketing costs 61% less than generating leads through traditional advertising and marketing.

This is a consistent figure. For the last 3 years HubSpot has surveyed over 4000 companies and in each of these surveys this figure was slightly more than 60%.

The way people buy is changing

People now search first

80% of people begin researching a new purchase online, including B2B purchases, and 85% of these are looking for a local business.

75% of searchers never scroll past the first page of results.

If you can’t be found online, you’re losing business.

Most website visitors are just lookers

Only 3% of the visitors to your website are ready to buy. If you aren’t working to capture information about the other 97%, you’re losing business.

It’s understandable then, why a “Contact Us” form is hardly used with only 3% of website visitors ready to buy.

The inbound marketing process ensures you have offers for first time visitors as well as those that are ready to buy. As my search for Accountants Newcastle showed, there is plenty of opportunity right now for capturing leads with Inbound Marketing.

Why does inbound marketing work for Accounting Firms?

People still buy from people, even on the Internet. You can say all you like about your company on your website and this isn’t going to answer the one burning question all your prospects have “Do these people have the experience I need, and can I trust them?”.

Inbound marketing runs on great content produced by, or for, the people in your company. When people are researching their purchase and reading your content, they associate that material with the person who wrote it and not the company. This builds trust and gets you clients.

You always know where you stand with inbound marketing

At any point in time you know how much traffic, leads and sales your marketing has produced.

You know how many leads are in what stage of your sales process so you can plan ahead for the new clients coming down the pipeline.

Key Takeaways

  • High growth firms produce more leads online
  • Inbound Marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising and marketing
  • Inbound Marketing plugs right in to the way people buy today
  • The getting is easy now as the competition is quite low
  • The earlier you start the easier it is to stay ahead of your competition

Inbound Marketing is the most cost effective, efficient and productive form of online marketing / internet marketing for Accounting firms.


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