A Great Logo Helps Build a Strong Brand

Posted by Jo Percy

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The More Business Online logo. This one was used as our Google Apps icon. We had to rearrange the text and image to fit in this spaceWith logos simple is best. To be immediately recognisable, your corporate logo should be easy to recognise when in colour, black and white, small and large. In fact, tests have shown that the worlds most recognised logos are immediately identified by most people even when only showed in part.

Effective logos help build your brand by allowing that instant recognition and association with what it is that you do.

Logo design and colour

Choose colours to suit your brand. If you’re in a serious profession, you’d be unlikely to choose bright blinding colours. Also, if you have products for kids, you wouldn’t want to use dreary dark browns, dark blues and greys.

Make sure people expect the colour you choose to be associated with your industry.

Use a strong, clean and uncomplicated graphic design which reflects your company. The company name should influence the choice of logo design as the image and the text need to be complimentary. Make sure it doesn’t look like Word clipart and has some unique properties.

Don’t just design one logo. Try many different designs and colours and have a brainstorming session to decide which one to develop. Develop the graphic design, colour, light, shadow and texture of the chosen design.


The font choice can sometimes be more challenging than the graphic design. There are so many fonts available, it can be hard the make the right choice.

Firstly the font should be easily readable both when its large and small. Remember today that your logo will need to be presented both on paper and in digital forms in digital documents and on websites and social media. Some fonts are difficult to present on screen, particularly when small in size. Some fonts are hard to get for all digital media so do your research on a font before you choose it.

Just like colours, don’t choose something too fancy for a serious business, or too plain for a “fun” business.

There are times you will need to display the font part of the logo without the image part so your text design needs to be memorable, just like the image part.

All together

Put your text and image part together in different arrangements. Again, with various space limitations being an issue in both digital and traditional (signage etc) spaces, the arrangement of the image and text part of your logo will need to change from time to time.

You might find the font you have chosen works well in some arrangements and not well on others. Now is the time to tweak both the image and font to ensure your complete logo works best in the most places.

Key Takeaway

Your logo is not your brand, it is however a key way you communicate your brand. A strong, simple image along with effective text will make your logo easily recognisable and supportive of your corporate message ensuring it helps build a strong brand.


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