What Do Google’s New Updates Mean For Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Google's changing how it does search engine-ing. For the better.Let’s establish two facts:

Google is by far the largest search engine in the world.
Google is constantly updating the way it supplies answers to searches.

This means that we need to understand how Google supplies websites to a searcher, and then to work with that. We don’t get a whole lot of say in the methods Google uses, although we do know that their goal is to supply the most relevant information to the searcher, which also gives us something to work to.

Why does this warrant conversation?

Google is changing how it supplies results to the searcher. We need to keep up with these changes to stay relevant to the search engine.

What Is Changing?

According to this report from New Scientist, Google is going to be ranking websites based on the amount of truthful facts they contain, not on their link structures.

This is a really good step to take - it means that the most authoritative source of information is presented first to the searcher with a question, and significantly reduces the popularity of websites that offer hype, but no real substance to the reader. A change like this will help rule out websites that have unhelpful or under researched information but attribute their ranking to a complex linking system.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

For you, the website-using business, this can mean a few different things.

The change means that you need to lessen the priorities placed on backlinking, and linking in general. It’ll still be a way for people to find your website, but it won’t change where you rank in search engine land. Linking would have once been something really helpful for boosting the ranking of your website, but if all that is changing, we need to change our tact to stay with the times.

Because the push is now for informative data, we have the opportunity to rank and to do well, based on the supplication of informative data. This can be huge for websites which present true and helpful facts that are simply too small to pull backlinks from the larger websites.

The playing field has been leveled again, and the criteria that we are asked to meet is that of true and reliable facts. The course of action as a result is logical: if Google wants facts, we give them facts.

Content and inbound marketing fit incredibly well with this change, as both focus heavily on publishing high-quality, factual content.

The Way Forward

The focus of content marketing has been drawing an audience in by supplying them with relevant, helpful content that they continue to return for and will convert over. In this new method of ranking from Google, the world of content marketing will come into its own as the push for verified data overwhelms that of a links-based website.

Furthermore, connecting content marketing with an inbound marketing strategy provides you with the structure needed to help those who find your website to convert to customers. Inbound marketing gives a format to which you can plan and release content that will directly yield a measurably greater number of high-quality leads and customers for your business.

If you want your business to succeed with this new breed of search engine optimisation, the best way to move forward is through a content marketing strategy. Seek to understand the needs of your ideal buyer, research their favourite kind of content and the questions they’re likely to have, and meet those questions, using their favourite kind of content. If you’re supplying relevant information and reliable data, Google will cross-check and find your content favourable for the searcher, ranking it above the website that relies only on linking and hype to draw views.

If you’re only just starting out with content marketing, or still thinking through whether it’s worth the time and money to invest in, consider this: Google, the largest search engine in the world, believes in the validity of facts and content that delivers facts. And if you’re keen on delivering that kind of information, Google’s going to help you get it to the people who matter - your searching, future clients.


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