How To Get More Traffic On Your Engineering Supply Website

Posted by Ken Semple

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A dragline at sunset. Quite symbolic as sun sets over Australia's mining boomIt’s been tougher in Australia lately for engineering supply companies and manufacturers in the engineering industry as the sun sets on the mining boom.

With most people, yes even engineers, now starting their buying research with some research online using a search engine, your website has to be found and be useful to them for you to get their business.

In fact with all this research being done online, 60% of the buying decision is now made before speaking to a sales person.

The downside to all this is that, with business being so great in the engineering industry through the Australian mining boom, most companies in the engineering industry have websites which date back to before the mining boom and are, well, pretty much useless for generating new business.

To get more business from your website you need more traffic and your website needs to be useful to your target audience. I’ll discuss a few things you can do to achieve this in this article.

Understand who your clients are

Information about your products and services is never enough to get people to your website early in their buying process when you can influence them the most.

When people start their research online, they’re looking to solve a problem and don’t yet understand enough about their problem to be searching directly for products or services. OK, some people know what they want and search for that directly and, yes, you need to be found by them too.

You need to understand who they are and what problems they have when they start researching into the problems your products and services solve for them.

Understanding who your clients are means you know what they’re going to type into Google to find you, and it’s most often not your brand or your product or service. Now you can go about improving your search rank for the search keywords they will use.

Offer them what they need

Now you know more about who your clients are and what they’ll type into Google when they’re doing their research, you can create the content they need to complete their research.

Where do you go to find out what they need? The first place to start is your sales team. Get them to list all the questions people ask when they’re working them to a sale. Pay particular attention to the objections people have about buying your products as they go through their sales process. Write content which answers these questions and put it on your website.

Another type of content which gets plenty of traffic to your website is product comparison content. You should even discuss your competitors products or services here. Write an open and honest comparison of your products with your competitor’s products. Sounds crazy right? Wrong, before long you’ll be getting visitors to your website for people who searched directly for your competitors and you’ll be converting some of those into new clients for your business.

Put the important stuff behind a form

Until someone identifies themselves by completing a form on your website, you can’t take action to actively influence who they buy from. Sure, they can read your website content, but you can’t guide them until you can make contact with them.

When you know your clients well, you’ll know what they really crave as they research your products and you can package that up into a document which they can only get in return for their contact information.

Once you have their contact information, you can phone them or email them including sending them an automated stream of emails.

Make it easy for people to use your site

You might think this one’s a no brainer. I’m surprised at how many engineering supplier and manufacturer websites I see which feel old to look at and make it very difficult to find what I’m looking for.

Make your pages smart by making it obvious what they should read next and when looking at products, show them related products and accessories and make it easy to access more detailed information about your products like detailed specifications etc.

Mobile is a big thing now and many people will be accessing your website from their mobile. Make sure your website displays well and is easy to navigate using mobiles.

Get your SEO sorted

You should optimise your website for your target audience and consider the search engines as you do.

Writing great content will help get you found, you need to consider SEO to ensure you rank as high as you can on search engines and ensure your search results which get the clicks.

Key takeaway

Assess your website to ensure it meets the needs of your target audience. Make your website a useful tool for your clients and prospects and you’ll grow your website traffic and grow your business.

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