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Posted by Ken Semple

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When your social media marketing strategy takes off, you know that your business will be in for some great, engaged leads.Some marketers view social media marketing as the gateway to reach your target audience. After all, the statistics don’t lie.

According to Social Media Examiner survey, close to 97% of marketers have taken to social media marketing. Likewise, a survey by Hubspot found that in 2014, 92% of markets found that social media was a big boost to their businesses with a further 80% recording an increase in traffic to their sites.

It is therefore crystal clear that social media marketing strategy will help you increase sales. Here are some of the benefits you get by using social media to generate more leads for your business.

1. Enhanced Brand Recognition

By posting regular brand ads and info on social media, social media users may know about your brand for the first time by seeing the brand for the first time. A targeted audience may know about your brand after stumbling upon it on several networks. Thus social media marketing makes you more accessible by customers.

2. Brand Loyalty

According to reports, brands that use social media benefit from higher loyalty by customers. states that brands using social media get familiar with people over time and this connection tends to create loyalty to the brand by the users. Therefore, social media marketing strategy is critical in influencing consumer loyalty to brands.

3. Opportunity to Convert

The posts, videos, comments and images you place on social media networks trigger the social media users to react. A reaction could lead the user to visit your site. Ultimately, it could lead into a conversion. By building following on social media, you get opportunities for conversion.

4. Higher Conversion Rate

Social media has been found to have higher conversion rate. Perhaps much conversion is due to social media’s humanisation element; humanising brands by interacting with them on social media as people prefer dealing with fellow people as opposed to companies.

Additionally, it has been found that social media has greater lead-to-close rate as opposed to outbound marketing. Moreover, brand followers on social media tend to build trust on your brands thus increasing the conversion rates.

5. Increased Traffic

Social media leads to more inbound traffic on your site. Without it, the only inbound traffic would be of those acquainted with your products and those searching you via keywords. Every post, image, comment and video you post on social media network is a lead linking the user to your brand. Every useful content you post attracts potential customers. High traffic leads to more leads and ultimately conversions.

6. Cheaper Marketing Costs

According to a survey by Hubspot, approximately 84% of marketers consider six hours a week as enough time to generate leads for increased traffic in a business. With social media, you don’t need to spend long hour on daily basis trying to generate leads. An hour a day for a week will get your brand interacting with social media users and the results will be clearly visible.

Paid advertisement on Twitter and Facebook is also cheaper and budget friendly. As you grow, you can adjust your paid advertisement budget and further increase your conversion.

When done right, social media marketing strategy can be the Holy Grail of increased inbound traffic, more customers and ultimately more conversions. There is no time that people will leave social media; thus it will always bring you business growth.


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