The Features You Must Have In Your Next B2B Website

Posted by Ken Semple

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A next generation website has all the marketing features you need in a website todayWhen it comes time to redesign your website, and website redesign time seems to come around all too soon, you normally start to think about the features needed in the new website. More often than not the features thought about are features like menu type, image sliders, location finders, site search tools, courses & events, blogs and many more.

It’s great to think about these features as they all impact on how your visitor sees and engages with your website. None of these features, however, will get new visitors to your website and they contribute very little to the business outcomes you get from a website. Connecting the dots between adding a site search function and the new customers it generates is almost impossible for example.

These are all features of a traditional website, and today you need to be thinking more about your website being the centre of your digital marketing efforts, and look to features that are going to support your marketing and generate leads for your sales team.

Your website doesn’t stand alone anymore

There was a time when you built your website, most likely a glorified digital business brochure, and left it alone for years at a time hoping it would produce new business leads. When it didn’t you rebuilt it into a slightly better looking model which produced marginally better business results.

As time has gone by and people are spending more and more time researching online. To tap into this you’ve likely tacked things onto your website to satisfy your marketing needs. Things like 3rd party email marketing, landing page tools, SEO tools, analytics tools and most likely a blog. On top of all this, your sales team is working isolated from your marketing data on lead information which is most likely emailed to them one lead at a time.

So, rather than just thinking about the user interface features your next website should have, think about how it can become the integral part of your digital marketing that it should be. Look at how you can integrate everything you need to market your business into your website by using an all in one software platform.

B2B buyers are researching online too

Some people are of the opinion that most of the people who’re doing research online are the B2C buyers. As a result they’ve only tacked email marketing onto their B2B website so they can reach out to their customer base.

Not so, According to the 2014 State of B2B Procurement study from the Acquity Group, 94 percent of business buyers do some form of online research.

Also, 70% of a B2B buying decision is made before making contact with any company.

You’re losing out big time if these buyers either can’t find your website, or you don’t have the content they need on your website.

These are the marketing features you must have in your new B2B website

You need to engage in a mix of activities to be successful with your online marketing and these include:

  • content marketing

  • SEO

  • email marketing

  • lead generation

  • lead follow up with marketing automation

  • social media marketing

As well as these activities you’re going to need solid analytics to track your performance and your sales team are going to need detailed data on every one of your leads.

It doesn’t make sense to use half a dozen different software tools to perform all these activities. It can be a real challenge to keep up with the changes to just one of these software tools let alone a whole bunch of the.

Your website redevelopment is an opportunity to upgrade to the next generation of tools, all packaged into one all encompassing software package. To ensure that when you next rebuild your website you have all the marketing features you need, we’ve developed the next generation website which includes the following marketing features:

  • A modern slick CMS which allows for all the user interface features discussed at the beginning of this article, and more

  • Email marketing tools

  • Lead generation tools including a call to action (CTA) builder and landing page tool

  • Blog built in

  • A personalisation feature which allows you to show different content to different visitors

  • Social media tools for monitoring, publishing and researching

  • A Marketing automation tool for lead follow up

  • SEO tools built in

  • An easy to use analytics tool

  • A Sales CRM which has a separate interface yet has access to all the marketing data

A next generation website is really easy to use and is perfectly suited to a continuous improvement process like
growth driven design or inbound marketing.

A website rebuild is often an arduous process, so rather than doing the same thing again, step up to something which will make your life easier and provide the business results your boss expects, make your next website a next generation website.


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Download our free guide: An introduction to the next generation website

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