Ensuring Your Marketing Is Supporting Your Sales Team

Posted by Ken Semple

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When your marketing and sales teams work together the results are astoundingThere can be quite a disconnect in organisations between the marketing department and the sales team. The sales team says the leads they are getting from marketing are not enough and / or not good enough. The marketing department says they’re generating plenty of quality leads and the sales team just isn’t converting them.

So how can we solve this ongoing issue?

  • Start by closing the loop between marketing and sales
  • Use your analytics to analyse the highest converting leads
  • Work with your sales team to identify how to get more from those leads

Closing the loop between marketing and sales

Closing the loop between marketing and sales means that you know where every lead comes from and which leads are most likely to convert to being customers.

Closing this loop is most easily done for your online marketing. Inbound Marketing Software can track every aspect of your marketing and conversions of website visitors into leads, and then leads into customers.

Once you configure your online marketing software to communicate with your sales CRM software you can track everything someone does from their first visit to your website, right up until they become a customer. Your sales team is also recording their personal interactions with this person in their CRM.

Use your analytics to analyse the highest converting leads

Once you’ve connected your marketing and sales into a closed loop system using software, you’ll start collecting all sorts of data about every visitor, lead and customer.

You’ll know what content attracts visitors most likely to become customers and what they like to do along their journey to becoming a customer. You’ll also know what the sources are for your best leads.

Use this information to develop content that your ideal clients will love and content they need as they work through their buying process.

Work with your sales team to identify how to get more from those leads

Talk to your sales team, let them identify why they were able to sell to some leads and not others.

Understand what the sales team define as a sales ready lead, and work with them to determine what marketing has to do to produce more sales ready leads. Examine a couple of good leads and a couple of bad leads, working through your analytics data until you understand more about how to produce more good leads.

The inbound marketing process produces highly informed leads. Your sales team can gauge how well informed each lead is, and where their interest lies, by studying the lead’s activity recorded in their CRM. They can then pitch exactly the right product or service in exactly the right way to each lead / prospect.

Great value can be obtained by training the sales team in how they can use the inbound marketing systems to work their leads. Directing those leads not quite ready for a sale to the right website content and ensuring the sales team sell correctly to fully informed ready to buy leads will deliver results.

Key takeaway

The Inbound marketing process and inbound marketing software present unprecedented opportunities to both marketing and sales for those ready and willing to make the most of these opportunities.


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