Content And Marketing Offers: The Original Buddy-Cop Team

Posted by Ken Semple

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Sync your marketing offers and your content and pretty soon you'll be able to use one to help create the other.Keeping up an endless supply of high quality original content can be a daunting task for any business owner or marketing professional, but the alternative means starving your inbound marketing strategy of the fuel it needs. Fortunately, web content is flexible, in all its forms—what you’ve used before as content to hook can be sold, and what you’ve sold before can be repurposed to hook. A savvy marketer learns to create new website content by adapting their offers and vice versa. Let’s look at the idea a little closer, beginning with the offer -> content path.

Turning Offers into Content

While not every product you’re selling can be repackaged and repurposed as web content, there should be quite a few which you can. You’ll get the most mileage from easy-to-recycle materials such as e-books, video seminars, newsletters, and other text and video sources, but you should never close your eyes to more inventive possibilities. If you offer access to a private users’ forum, there may be content within that forum that can become web content with very little reworking. Changing mediums goes a long way as well—presenting sections of a text product in video or podcast form, or a video or podcast offer with rewritten text excerpts, can benefit you greatly. Experiment as much as you can; the more diverse your offerings, the more effective your inbound marketing will become.

Turning Content into Offers

We said we’d talk about ways to create new website content by adapting your offers and vice versa, so let’s discuss the second half of that. The difference between free web content and a proper product offering is rarely as wide as it seems. A series of blog posts or e-mail newsletters on a subject can quite easily be rewritten, reformatted, and published as an e-book for an easy offering. Turning that same material into recorded video lectures or podcasts takes a bit more production effort, but will go even further. Inbound marketing is about getting customers to your products by creating valuable content—it’s simple sense to make that valuable content work for you on multiple levels.

Or, more creatively, a marketer might notice that the comment section of their website consistently offers valuable information and attracts attention by itself. Repurposed as an offer (and seeded with valuable content gleaned from posters and other sources), this becomes a members-only forum.

Just be sure that when you make content into a marketing offer, you do more than just repackage it with a price tag or sign-up page barrier. While there are certainly situations where that can succeed—web novels and webcomics do quite well with that model—it’s rarely as effective as offering enhanced versions, or versions in wholly different mediums.  

Final Thoughts

 As a marketer utilising inbound marketing, you should always consider not just the value of what’s in front of you, but its potential value—to your customers and yourself. Flexible thinking turns the tiniest nugget of creative genius into an enterprise. And content that can’t be turned into offers probably isn’t good enough content for inbound marketing.


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