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Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Nuture your leads, and they'll grow into healthy and fruitful customers.Nobody builds a website simply for exposure anymore. Your website needs to be a powerful tool in attracting visitors, converting leads, and closing customers. Today we discuss the best way to track and nurture your leads to close more customers.

Understanding The Progression Of Your Leads

It’s an established fact that you need to pay some kind of attention to your garden if you want to see growth, fruit, or flowers. This mindset actually carries fairly well across to your leads too - in order to see a return from your soon-to-be customer, you need to have a good idea of what your lead’s newest need is, as well as a plan on how to meet that need at the right time.

Knowing where your leads are at and what they might need at a given point in time is a powerful thing. Imagine for a moment that you’re standing in a Bunnings, staring blankly at the wall of products, with half an idea of what you want but no idea of what you actually need. This is the point where a little of assistance from their staff can be the difference between you leaving the store empty handed, or even selecting an inferior solution, and finding the right product for the job.

The same is true for your website. You want to be able to spot and engage with your leads when they’re stuck, wondering what they need to do next, or trying to make ends of a potential solution. Of course, this can be a problem if your leads are investigating your website in the wee hours of the morning, or if you’ve got more than a handful.

But that’s where automation software comes in.

Keeping Tabs On Things

Lead nurturing and scoring is a fairly common activity. When your leads begin to move from asking basic, vague questions to searching for more and more specific solutions on your website, software that scores lead behaviour is able to make a note of this and monitor their activity, notifying you when a lead is showing signs that they’re ready to purchase.

This is actually a very helpful thing - it means that you don’t have to hover over any given lead, they don’t have to feel pressure from your hovering, and you’ll save time and energy checking in with leads that aren’t ready for a sale.

But how will you implement a system like this? Lead nurturing is often a combination of tracking website activity, sending timely and triggered emails, managing a dynamic workflow for your lead, and liaising with relevant staff.

Each of these tasks can be managed by different automated systems, which is all very well, but this patchwork approach can result in the same kind of problems that surface when you traverse a city with fifteen bags instead of one. It’s often clunky to manage more than even just two systems when they’ve got to work with your entire lead base and ensure that the right people are getting the right information at the right time.

All In One

When it comes to nurturing your lead base for a website that uses growth driven design, an all-in-one system provides your best chance of success, since you’re far, far less likely to lose your leads between the cracks or have their progress misconstrued during the changeover between different software tools.

Software like HubSpot is purpose-built for this kind of task - not only it is suitable for building and supporting your website from the ground up, but it also is able to connect your leads with the right marketing offers and blog posts to help answer their most pressing questions. It’ll also connect the leads who are ready to talk to someone from sales to the right people for the job and result in a more watertight system where more of your leads are helped at the right time and more of those leads convert to customers.

Timing Is Everything

Let’s wind back a second to why it is we need to score the progression of our leads. When you’re managing a large lead base, you’ll need a system to look after them properly, or you just won’t be able to look after all of them very well. Without a way to monitor and care for all of your leads, some would get the right amount of attention, whereas others might not receive any attention or assistance when it comes to making an informed decision and simply walk away when they may well otherwise have closed as an ideal customer.

So, having a system that can monitor and respond to the needs of your leads as they arise, and track their progress as they work through the different stages of decision making and discovery before they’re ready for a purchase is something powerful. It presents the picture of a business that is passionate about providing the right solution for the buyer, not just the most favourable option for themselves.

The Wrap-Up

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the little details - the kinds of things that few other people account for, but that make life so much easier. Whether that’s remembering the spare battery or leaving space for your buddy to park their car easily, making people’s experiences positive and memorable by nailing perception and anticipation is my thing.

Nurturing your leads via an automated system is not unlike this - it’s a way of providing exactly what your leads need at the right time, regardless of the size of your lead base, in a way that’s not heavy-handed or obtrusive.

Managing a large lead base can be a cumbersome activity though, especially if you’ve got multiple pieces of software managing completely separate pieces of your marketing. This can result in frustration on your end if you have leads fall through the cracks or have their progress misinterpreted by different kinds of software.

If you’re seeking an all-in approach, dictated by growth driven design, a website that is hosted and supported by marketing software HubSpot natively provides lead nurturing workflows, email marketing, and built in communications between those workflows and your team members most able to help close those leads as customers.

Moving to this kind of model will allow you to perceive and anticipate the behaviour of your leads, and as a result provide powerful, relevant information that will help grow your leads until they’re ready to close as customers.


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Download our free guide: An introduction to the next generation website

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