Audit Your Website Before Redesigning For An SEO Boost

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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Redesigning your website needs to take into account the performance of your pages as well as their look and feel.Change is a good thing, right? A bit of spring cleaning, sprucing up for the new year. Does it work for a website?

That is, will simply overhauling the look of your website be enough to bring in the new business you’re looking to obtain? Will it revive your buzzing online community and bring techno joy to consumer and business alike?

It will, provided you take a moment before reaching for the colour swatches to consider your current website.

More Than The Aesthetics

Something you will definitely want to consider before you start looking at visually updating is the basic performance of your website. If you’re going to be spending time and money working on your website anyway, why not consider having it audited? Inbound marketing is all about holistically marketing and selling your business online, and audits are something we specialise in. If there’s major things to be improved upon, or the market has changed since the last time you worked on your website, then there is probably a few different things that can be checked out and improved on.

Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. What’s been my monthly average of unique visitors?

  2. Which keywords are performing best for my website?

  3. What’s the number of inbound domains that have links to me?

  4. How many indexed pages do I have on my website?

  5. How many of those pages receive traffic?

Stopping and checking these five metrics out will give you the opportunity to see what things you’re doing really well in (and consequently put more effort into after the redesign) and which things you wouldn’t miss if they were trimmed out. It's just another part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that will really help out the performance of your online business front.

I mention the change in the market because of how businesses grow; in five years time you may find that your largest source of revenue is from a completely different group or different subject than what’s going now. Be flexible and work with the changing needs of your buyers and your business will flourish.

More Than The Metrics

Given, I just devoted a lot of text to telling you that the aesthetics of your new website weren’t a huge thing, it can seem a little strange to follow that up by saying ‘no, that’s actually still really important.’

Want to hear something eyebrow-raising? 75% of visitors will judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website. (According to Stanford University). And if that’s facts, then there’s sound evidence that your website needs to look the part.

However, you want your website to do more than look pretty. With smart and responsive design, a new website will perform quickly and effectively across a variety of devices, and with an updated set of goals, it’ll quickly gain attention from followers and search engines. Which is what you want, really.

So, What Do You Want From Your New Website?

Auditing your existing website before a visual redesign can be one of your best business moves this year. It’ll allow you to evaluate your business goals, and set new ones, confident that they’ll be achieved.

Rebuilding the visuals of your website can be a great move for getting search engine attention, too. Fresh content is a good thing in Google’s books, and a website that’s been renewed and updated will receive a rankings boost besides.

And that’s the kind of change you’re after.

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