8 Tips For Building Your Brand With a Powerful Logo

Posted by Jo Percy

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Your brand is more than your logo. Your logo is an image of your brandIt’s only a matter of downloading the logo quiz app to see how our brains react to brand symbolism and to see that it works. When presented with a screen filled with partially complete logos it’s amazing how many can be recalled from simply recognising a letter, colour or the shape of a line.

The way a logo is ‘born’ can vary greatly. Sometimes it comes with an original vision of a new enterprise – the concept, the marketability of the idea is all wrapped up in one simple visual and tagline. Other times the concept will develop into a business and require some creative thinking on how it can appeal to different target groups.

Then there’s the case of an existing enterprise that needs to overhaul its image, perhaps even relaunch itself in existing and new markets.

Either way, at some point most businesses will want to distil their identity and message down into a symbol or logo by which they can become known and hopefully remembered.

But a logo on its own won’t achieve much in terms of meeting your commercial goals. By linking your logo to an inbound marketing strategy you can create a customer relationship by introducing yourself with a strong brand and following up with a great product and customer service.

What’s in a logo?

In the most basic terms a logo can be described as a picture of a brand. But a good logo will contain more than that – it’s a representation of an organisation’s function, values, profile and brand. A brand is your reputation.

A brand is the symbol of how a company wants to be perceived by their ultimate target audience. Does yours exude luxury, familiarity, conservatism, restraint, cheekiness?

When a someone sees your logo, you want it to engender emotions that are consistent with the brand image you are striving to build.

Think of some of the most recognisable logos in the western world and beyond - Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, Mercedes - what do these logos have in common, what makes them work?

By examining these questions it will provide more meaning and depth to your own logo building and allow you to really ‘nail’ your company’s visual identity.

Here are eight proven design tips for creating effective logos:

  1. Use a strong, clean and uncomplicated image - this might come from mind-mapping and sketching based on keywords that come from information on the company, its aims and identity
  2. Grab attention - You only have a second to make a lasting impact so grab their attention
  3. Reflect your company - Your logo must represent your industry. Look at your target audience and make sure your logo appeals to them
  4. Compliment your product or Company name - The name of the product or company may influence the choice of logo design as the two must be complimentary.
  5. Use a font that is quickly decipherable from a distance - it should be clean and easy-to-read.
  6. Choose a key characteristic of the business and communicate this through the design
  7. Ensure your logo will be just as readable and appealing when used in black and white or colour
  8. Make it memorable - Be different and stand out from your competitors. Take a look at the logo quiz app to see how the great logos are memorable.

Designing a dynamic and powerful logo is an important early step in a business’ marketing plan. To move further towards commercial success it’s necessary to use this logo to headline aggressive inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. This will ‘train’ consumers to associate the new logo with your company or brand.


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