The 2 Ways You Can Engage Your Social Media Audience

Posted by Brooke Hazelgrove

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The two methods you can use to market your business through social media will prove greater than the sum of their parts in bringing you more business.Do you have your coffee with or without milk? With or without sugar? Perhaps you’re more of a tea person?

There’s many things in life that fit with this concept - providing more than one option because sometimes options are needed to appeal to different people. Social media marketing is no different - we’re presented with a new platform to reach potential customers from, and by varying our approach between the two methods, we can appeal to a greater range of people.

What are those two methods, you say?

Direct Marketing

In the process of linking your website content to your social media platforms, you’ve probably found yourself looking at connecting lead conversion directly to your feed. The option exists - there’s no denying it. It can actually be quite useful for presenting to the potential customer the offer and the link that will take them directly to a landing page. There’s no fuss, no worrying about catchy taglines or writing content specifically for marketing the offer. So what is on offer exactly when you market yourself directly?

Because social media posts you write that focus on direct marketing will take a reader straight to a landing page with an information capture form, your offers can align closely with those you’d have on your website anyway - eBooks, checklists, templates - all can be marketed directly to the reader, and in such a way that immediately calls said reader to action and lead conversion.

With such a direct way to bring your super-valuable offers to the social media user, it can be tempting to think that it’s the best or the only way to market yourself over the platform. However, it’s of most use to readers who are ready to convert right now, and not all of them exist. The social media platform is for informal fraternisation primarily, and it can be of great use to the business to be social with their presence.

Indirect Marketing

The goal of indirect marketing is to generate leads after your business has been sharing friendly, easy-to-consume content that’s not been housed behind a form. It’s kind of like your blog or online content, but with a Hawaiian shirt on; ready to party and make friends with your social media followers.

Speaking of blog posts, they’re one of the many indirect marketing methods that you can use on your social media feed. Others might include photos, YouTube videos, or Third-party content. All of these focus more on engaging and entertaining the reader, and gently nudging them toward the point of lead conversion, along a scenic route of insight and delight. You can embed visuals directly into your platform or link them to your website - either is fine.

Although indirect marketing is also great for building engagement, it lacks the immediate drive and goal of lead generation and sales. How then is it supposed to be a good thing for your business to invest time in?

The Spice Of Life

Much like the diet of a healthy human, your marketing strategy with social media needs to incorporate variety in order to keep being interesting and engaging. I mean, sure, bran is great for you, but if it was all you had to eat, then the notion of food would become a lot less appetising. If you build a range of content on your social media platform that incorporates both direct and indirect marketing, you’re going to give readers and followers the variety they need to enjoy your channel all the more. There’s still going to be the push towards more business; it’s just that sometimes it’ll be more overt than others.

Hand in hand with variety in helping build your business on the social media front is also interaction. Remember that social media is about being social - don’t just use it for a point of announcing things to followers, but take time responding to them. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for driving business, and when you’re paying attention to your followers, they’ll be paying attention to you while telling you about how cool a business you are to their contacts. It might seem odd at first, but if it’s bringing you attention and business, as well as a sweet reputation for public relations, then it’s a good thing.

What Next?

So, we’ve got two methods of marketing your brand and business on social media, with different strengths and goals. Direct marketing is focused on driving lead generation and sales, and markets your business to the reader by supplying direct links to offers and landing pages. Indirect marketing is focused on interaction and building the hype of your business, and markets your business with lighter, engaging content that will be free-to-access. You need both methods to succeed at social media marketing, and together they’ll provide your business with a solid, engaged following that will convert to leads and bring you more business.

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